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2013 Lamkin Grips

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Welcome to the 2013 Lamkin Grip Line!
The Perfect Performance Enhancing Grip For Every Golfer 

Leading golf’s current color trend, Lamkin Grips will release several additional color options in the R.E.L. 3GEN  Standard, Midsize and Oversize models.   The expansion of the R.E.L. 3GEN golf grip line will include a neon pink option in a standard size model, as well as a red, blue, orange, gray and electric blue option in both the midsize and oversize models.

Golfers who play with non-standard size grips will certainly celebrate the addition of more color options in such a popular golf grip.   The R.E.L. 3GEN grip has already earned rave reviews from golfers for its amazing feel, tackiness and durability.  With more color and size options than any other golf grip in the market, the R.E.L. 3GEN expansion will undoubtedly lead to even more glowing reviews from golfers around the world.

Combined with a comfortable and no-slip surface pattern, the R.E.L. grip is manufactured with Lamkin’s patent-pending 3GEN technology that provides unmatched vibration dampening and extraordinary grip durability.  The design of the grip was created to maximize surface area contact with a golfer’s hand to ensure a confident, controlled connection between the golfer and their club.

New Lamkin Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN
Features tackier version of 3GEN line as well as a softer feel and color cap. The Black with Red Cap version comes in 3 sizes, Standard, Midsize and Oversize.

RL224 Lamkin Perma-Wrap Ace Standard Black $4.29 each
RL225 Lamkin Perma-Wrap Ace Standard Gray $4.29 each
RL226 Lamkin Perma-Wrap Ace Standard White $4.29 each
RL227 Lamkin Perma-Wrap Ace Midsize Black $4.49 each  
RL228 Lamkin Perma-Wrap Ace Oversize Black $4.79 each  

New Lamkin Crossline ACE 3GEN
This is a new, tackier version of 3GEN. Features a softer feel, gray body, red cap, black full spray and white logo. Available in 3 sizes: standard, mid and oversize.

RL229 Lamkin Crossline 3GEN Ace Standard Black $5.99 each
RL230 Lamkin Crossline 3GEN Ace Midsize Black $6.29 each
RL231 Lamkin Crossline 3GEN Ace Oversize Black $6.49 each

Lamkin Gripes 15 Pack
15-count pack of pre-moistened wipes
Re-sealable packaging stays moist
Easily stores in your golf bag
Removes dirt and oils that interfere with good hand-to-grip contact
Renews tackiness on rubber and most other grip materials

RLGRIP Lamkin Gripes 15 Pack
$5.99 each


New Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN
R.E.L. colors have been so successful Lamkin has added 5 colors in Midsize and Oversize - Gray, Navy Blue, Orange, Red and Electric Blue. Pink has been so popular that Lamkin added a standard men’s size, which can be used by women with larger hands or longer fingers and maintains the softer compound as used in the Undersize version.

RL232 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Standard Pink $4.99 each
RL233 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Midsize Gray $5.29 each
RL234 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Midsize Red $5.29 each
RL235 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Midsize Blue $5.29 each
RL236 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Midsize Orange $5.29 each
RL237 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Midsize Neon Blue $5.29 each
RL238 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Gray Oversize $5.49 each
RL239 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Red Oversize $5.49 each
RL240 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Blue Oversize $5.49 each
RL241 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Orange Oversize $5.49 each
RL242 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Neon Blue Oversize $5.49 each

New Lamkin Crossline Cord

New Oversize (Jumbo) model to expand fitting options.

RL243 Lamkin Crossline Cord Oversize $8.99 each

Lamkin X10 Junior
New junior size added to the X10 series to start out a new generation of Lamkin users.

RL244 Lamkin X10 Junior $1.99 each

New Lamkin Performance Plus
The best-selling Performance Plus grips now available in black standard and midsize. Features black cap to match the Performance Plus Wedge grip.

RL245 Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN Standard Black $5.45 each
RL246 Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN Midsize Black $5.79 each

New Taylor Made Replacement Grip
New TaylorMade grip perfect for the RBZ line of golf equipment.

RL247 Taylor Made RBZ Standard Ribbed $6.99 each