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New 2018 Hireko Golf Accessories

New 2013 Winn Grips

Check out the new 2013 Winn Grip line! What's new?

Winn DuraTech
The DuraTech hybrid grip is unlike any Winn Grip before it, fusing two unique materials for ultimate feel and performance. The upper hand features Winn's proprietary rubber compound Elastom ETX, providing durability and responsivenes for longlasting, non-slip control. The slightly softer and more comfortable WinnDry XT polymer provides a tacky yet responsive feel in the lower hand, encouraging lighter grip pressure and enhanced short-game touch. 

Winn DuraTech Standard Black/Gray #RW153 $8.99 each
Winn DuraTech Standard Black/White #RW154 $8.99 each
Winn DuraTech Standard Black/Blue #RW155 $8.99 each

Winn DriTac

The DriTac is Winn's tackiest ever. The WinnDry polymer material combines a cushioned, comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all weather conditions. Rain or shine, the DriTac delivers. 

Winn DriTac Junior Blue #RW151 $3.49 each
Winn DriTac Undersize Gray/Pink #RW152 $6.79 each

Winn Excel Pro Pistol Putter

The Pro Pistol design is perfect for the golfer who prefers a smaller pistol shape with defined edges. 

Winn Excel Pro Pistol Putter Red/Blue #RW156 $7.99 each

Winn Excel Medallist Pistol Putter
The most popular Tour, OEM and aftermarket putter shape. Soft, tacky Excel material combines with AI technology which integrates different textures and colors. 

Winn Excel Medallist Pistol Putter Black/Blue #RW157 $7.99 each
Winn Excel Medallist Pistol Putter Gray/Pink #RW158 $7.99 each

Winn Excel Midsize Pistol Putter
These popular midsize pistol grips are designed for players who prefer a slightly larger profile. Several colorful offering attracts attention for their stylish look plus comfortable, tacky feel. 

Winn Excel Midsize Pistol Putter Black/Red #RW159 $8.99 each
Winn Excel Midsize Pistol Putter Black/Yellow #RW160 $8.99 each