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Hireko Introduces New Acer XDS Insider Series

Radical design trains the brain for longer, straighter shots

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – February 11, 2009 - Hireko Golf today announced the introduction of the new Acer XDS Insider Series. The head profile and crown contour of the new Insider Driver, Thriver (14 degree Driver) and Fairways are specifically designed to create a mental picture of swinging from the inside. This encourages the golfer to swing on an inside-out swing path instead of the more common distance robbing over-the-top move.

“The XDS Insider Line also helps you in two other ways. By adding internal weighting within the head in the heel area, this creates draw spin on center shots,” states Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The other method in creating a “draw bias” is the unique asymmetrical sole. More weight is shifted toward the heel in order to assist in rotating the head and squaring the face at impact.”

The Acer XDS Insider Driver not only encompasses the radical crown contour and head profile, but features a variable face thickness and cup face design that activates the entire club face to become one gigantic sweet spot for more explosive drives.

A unique addition to the Acer XDS Insider Driver line is new Thriver Driver. The Thriver combines the best aspects of a Driver and Three Wood to create one of the most forgiving alternatives to a standard 10.5 degree driver. The 14 degree loft of the Thriver cuts down on side spin for straighter shots, plus the heavier head (same as a 3-wood for a higher moment of inertia) and subsequent shorter assembly length enables you to have more control off the tee..

The XDS Insider fairway woods also possess the new crown contour but feature progressive face angles to help deliver the clubface square upon impact. The Square Optical Alignment System provides a square appearance to each club and creates a consistent appearance. Variable Crown Technology, variable and shallow face thickness and 4 way radius soles all combine to yield the most user-friendly fairway woods on the market today geared for the average golfer.

The Acer XDS Insider Driver (available RH 10.5, 12, LH 10.5 degrees custom assembled for $99.95), Thriver (RH & LH 14 degrees for $99.95) and Fairways (RH #3, 5, 7, LH #3, 5 for $49.95) are made to order online at Hirekogolf.com