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Hireko Golf Announces New Acer XDS React Driver

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – April 9, 2012 – Hireko Golf today announced the arrival of the new Acer XDS React Driver. The Acer XDS React driver sets up square at address but features internal weighting within the head that provides the corrective measures of a closed face to create a win-win situation for golfers.

Hireko Golf Technical Direct Jeff Summitt states, “One of the most frequent comments I hear from fellow golfers is they want to see a square appearance at address as opposed to a driver that looks closed. But first you need to realize that the vast majority of titanium drivers are slightly closed for a very good reason. If you look at the diagram you will see the profiles of two different sized drivers. You will see the larger head has its center of gravity moved further away from the centerline axis of the shaft making it harder to square the face at impact. Think of a figure skater spinning around. When the arms are out they spin at a slower rate than when the arms are closer to the body.”

Even with the slightly closed face angle to compensate for the center of gravity location, the majority of golfers still hit the ball off of the tee with a push, a fade or even a slice. This can be explained by the fact that golfers may manipulate the face angle or moving the ball back further in the stance so the club has the square appearance they covet and end up defeating the purpose of the closed face the manufacturer added to begin with.

To assist in these undesirable ball flights, manufacturers occasionally add internal weighting within the head to create a draw bias in lieu of a (more) closed face angle. This was done with the Acer XDS React. The weight ultimately saved was added back to the sole closest to the heel to create a draw bias. The golfer gets the appearance they want but with the game improvement features they truly need.

Lastly, the XDS React’s titanium crown is ultra-thin. This allows more discretionary weight to be concentrated in the railed sole optimizing launch conditions for greater distance.

The new Acer XDS React Drivers are available in right hand 10.5 and 12 degrees and left hand 10.5 degrees and can be purchased custom assembled online starting at $99.95 each at