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Hireko Golf Announces The Arrival Of The New Acer XK Draw Fairway Wood

New Fairway Reduces Unwanted Slices and Fades

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - March 25, 2009 - Hireko Golf announced today the arrival of the new Acer XK Draw Fairway Woods. The new draw fairways were designed with the intent to prevent those golfers who routinely slice the ball to enjoy parts of the course they may not have seen on a regular basis – their own fairway!

"The same technology we created in the standard Acer XK fairway series is transformed into an offset version for those players that suffer from a fade, push or slice and wish to hit the ball straighter," states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. "The offset hosel pushes the center of gravity 41% further behind the shaft’s axis.

Why does this help? The further behind the center of gravity, the greater the tendency to close the face at impact, thus reducing the likelihood of an open face."

The Acer XK Draw Fairway features a large offset which helps to assist squaring up the clubface without having to resort to a severely closed face angle. The shape was also carefully selected to appeal to the eye of a wide range of golfers, yet improve stability by the expanded front-to-back dimension. The center of gravity moves lower and further from the face to optimize launch conditions.

The sleek, low profile design shifts weight further back behind the shaft than any other club in our extensive line to create superior accuracy. These high-launching clubheads feature many visual elements to assist in aligning the face toward the target instead of creating a “band aid” approach like so many offset models on the market today.

The custom assembled Acer XK Draw Fairway Woods are available in RH 3, 5 and 7 woods and LH 3 and 5 woods and come with a free headcover. They are available custom assembled online for $49.95 at HirekoGolf.com.