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Hireko Golf Introduces The New Acer XK Fairway Woods

Jaw Dropping Distance...Fist Pumping Accuracy

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - February 10, 2009 - Hireko Golf introduces the new Acer XK Fairway woods that feature cutting edge technology that provides greater performance. Finally, an innovative stainless steel fairway series that allows total game management by offering multiple lofts to suit a player’s individual needs.

"The first feature one will notice will be the the triangular shape," states Technical Director Jeff Summitt. "The triangular shape pushes the center of gravity deeper and further rearward to promote a higher moment of inertia to reduce twisting on off-center shots. This allows for better energy transfer to the ball equating to better distance and improved accuracy."

The Acer XK Fairways also feature our exclusive Variable Crown Technology (VCT). Thecrowns are cast as little as 0.5mm thick which is 44% thinner than traditional investment casting. This allows unwanted weight to be repositioned deep within the head. Next, a variable face thickness was selected. This process creates a wall thickness around the perimeter of the face thinner than the center to create a more re-active face.

Lastly, the wide profile increases the Moment of Inertia. All these features provide for a high launching ball flight with incredible accuracy.

Versatility is another word to describe the Acer XK Fairways. Multiple lofts are offered including those not commonly found from a strong 3-wood for players who have no problem getting the ball airborne to a high-lofted 9-wood. One addition is a 4-wood for those players wanting just one fairway wood in their bag. This allows you to add an extra wedge or hybrid to your set and stay within the 14 club minimum. Also, our 4-wood is an outstanding solo fairway wood for ladies or seniors looking for the perfect partner to a high-lofted driver.

The Acer XK Fairway Woods are available in RH in 3+, 3, 4, 5,7 and 9 woods and LH in #3, 5 and 7 woods. Base price custom assembled is $49.95 each. For more information visit HirekoGolf.com or call 800-367-8912.

Buy the Acer XK Fairway Woods Custom Assembled for $49.95. Buy the Acer XK Fairway Woods Component Clubhead for $19.95.