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Hireko Golf Introduces Four New Acer XK Irons Specifically Designed For Individual Playing Styles

Four Model Iron Family Utilizes CAAcer XK IronsD To Better Optimize Weight Distribution And Center Of Gravity. Hireko Golf announces four new irons designed specifically for the varied playing styles of today’s modern golfer. The new Acer XK Irons cover a wide spectrum of golfers from professional and highly skilled amateurs (Pro), the everyday golfer (Standard), ladies (Ladies HT) and seniors and beginning players (HT). “As a result of our research, we have designed four distinct irons that will focus on performance and feel and optimize launch conditions and ball flight based on the targeted players’ ball speed range,” states Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The Acer XK family was a culmination of feedback accumulated over the years. We thoroughly examined the profile of the target golfer for each model and incorporated all the modern game-improvement features at their disposal to help them hit more solid shots, inspire confidence and lower their score. Yet at the same time, we factored in the aesthetic requirements for each level of golfer. Each model within the family has a distinct look and function.”

Acer XK Standard Who ever said a narrow soled design can’t be forgiving? The slim profile was carefully selected based on feedback from numerous golfers who didn’t want to have that chunky appearance when setting the club behind the ball. Yet these very same players still demanded the most modern game-improvement features at their disposal. The non-glare topline and generous offsets allow the majority of today’s players to hit both solid and straight shots to inspire confidence in their game. Acer XK Standard Component Clubhead Only $7.95 Acer XK Standard Custom Assembled Golf Club Only $22.69 Acer XK Pro Golf Iron The Pro model continues the legacy of designing and producing irons with superior shot control yet incredible forgiveness. While this model is still considered a game-improvement design from the undercut cavity to the enhanced heel-toe weighting, the XK Pro has the reduced offset, more compact blade length, beveled sole and thinner topline preferred by better golfers. The elongated hosel length controls the trajectory and allows the golfer to work the ball when needed… everything the better golfer expects out of a premium players club. Acer XK Pro Component Clubhead Only $7.95 Acer XK Pro Custom Assembled Golf Club Only $22.69 Acer XK HT Golf Iron The Acer XK HT (High Trajectory) iron is designed for either slower swing players, beginners or those mid and higher handicappers looking to improve their iron play. A 30% wider sole than the standard Acer XK model coupled with additional loft and lower and deeper center of gravity will enable the player to get the ball up in the air quickly from virtually any lie and hold the greens. The expansive undercut channel and generous hitting surface makes this one of the most forgiving irons on the market. Acer XK HT Component Clubhead Only $7.95 Acer XK HT Custom Assembled Golf Club Only $22.69 Acer XK Ladies HT Golf Iron The Acer Ladies XK HT (High Trajectory) iron is designed for today’s ladies golfer looking not only for superior forgiveness but also contemporary and sleek cosmetics as well. The wide soles, higher lofts and lower, deeper center of gravity will provide the feel and higher ball flight desired by women golfers. Hireko has combined modern high-tech ladies design with confidence inspiring set-up for one of the most outstanding performing ladies iron ever produced. Acer XK Ladies Component Clubhead Only $7.95 Acer XK Ladies Custom Assembled Golf Club Only $22.69 What makes these better than the previous Acer models? Hireko utilized CAD (computer aided design) to accelerate design time and make major refinements to better optimize the weight distribution and center of gravity. Check out the new Acer XK Family of Irons...they were designed specifically for your game!