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Introducing the Acer XS Iron Series – A Model to Suit Any Skill Level

Acer XS Iron Series

From beginner to professional and everything in-between, the Acer XS Iron Series provides game improvement where it is needed most! Download Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog

Acer X-series irons of the past years have been all about providing a specific model offering varying degrees of forgiveness for golfers of any skill level with a stylish design and yet an affordable price.  This year we have taken it up a notch by providing four distinctive irons in the all-new Acer XS iron series. If you are asking what makes these different from the popular Acer XF irons we currently offer, the answer is plenty.  Without further ado, let’s examine each of the four models and see who each is intended for.

Acer XS Standard Cutaway

Acer XS Standard Iron
Let’s start out with what will be the most popular of the four models. The Acer XS Standard Iron was created to fit the widest range of players from mid to higher handicappers.  First of all, the XS irons have a revamped face profile (not just a facelift) giving it a fresh new look compared to the previous Acer XF version.

Since this model is all about forgiveness, we concentrated a greater amount of weight toward the low, toe region of the cavity to create a high moment of inertia iron for maximum performance and a more solid feel at impact.

The sole width is narrow for an iron in the game-improvement category. This enables it to be hit from a variety of lies you might encounter on the course.  It has a good amount of offset to help the average golfer square the face at impact, but not so much that it makes it hard to align at address.  This is just a great all-around club for the average player who is uncertain of what iron they need.

Model #I3686
Model #XI3686
Acer XS Iron - Clubhead
Acer XS Iron - Custom Assembled
$9.95 each
$28.95 each


Acer XS Pro Iron
The XS Pro Iron model is a modified version of the standard model as the weighting principles are the same, but how we went about it varies slightly.  The blade length is shorter as a better player is less likely to miss as far out on the heel or toe as a less accomplished player. Therefore, it allows for a little more workability, but still far more forgiving than a muscle or forged cavity back that the “Pro” designation may allude to.

The Acer XS Pro’s could be used by some mid handicapped players too.  The reduced offset iron (45% compared to the XS standard) is preferred by better players who generally don’t need the assistance of added offset to help square the face at impact.  However, there are a number of average golfers who still need a forgiving head without the excessive offset found in most game-improvement heads.  Those of you who fall in that category will really appreciate the Acer XS Pro irons.

These also feature the narrow sole, but with a thinner topline and progressive center of gravity (become higher the more loft) to control ball flight.

Model #I3691
Model #XI3691
Acer XS Pro Iron - Clubhead
Acer XS Pro Iron - Custom Assembled
$9.95 each
$28.95 each


Acer XS HT IronsAcer XS HT Irons
The Acer HT Irons or high trajectory irons are targeted more for mid to higher handicappers, slower swing players and those that have more of a sweeping-type swing or really anyone wanting an extremely forgiving head that will get the ball up in the air.

There are three things we did differently to the Acer XS HT irons versus the standard version even though they share the exact same blade length and offset.  For starters, the loft is 1º weaker (or higher lofted). By itself, that will not help much to increase the ball flight.  However, if you look at the toe profile diagram, you can see that the HT club is shallower to lower the center of gravity. Lastly, this model has 20% wider sole than our standard Acer XS model to shift the center of gravity back further, which also assists making the shaft bend more forward upon impact and create additional loft.  All these parameters work in harmony to make this one of (if not) the easiest to hit iron in our entire line product line. The perfect irons for those that struggle to get the ball up in the air!

Acer XS HT Irons


Model #I3690
Model #XI3690
Acer XS HT Iron - Clubhead
Acer XS HT Iron - Custom Assembled
$9.95 each
$28.95 each

Acer XS Forged Iron

Acer XS Forged Iron CutawayAcer XS Forged Irons
The Acer XS Forged iron was designed for a smaller segment of the golfing population – the better ball strikers.  This is why I describe it as a player’s cavity.  These forged cavity back irons offer some game-improvement over a traditional muscleback or blade iron, but not nearly as forgiving as the XS Pro.

The Acer XS Forged iron is precision forged from soft carbon steel and then the entire back is CNC milled into the cavity shape you see including an additional step to create an undercut cavity. This is very similar the best forged iron of ours in recent history - the Dynacraft Prophet Tour CNC iron, but with a fuller cavity. 

Forgiveness Supreme Award Acer XS Forged IronGOLF TIPS MAGAZINE GAVE THE ACER XS FORGED IRON A "FORGIVENESS SUPREME" AWARD IN THEIR 2013 ANNUAL GOLF TIPS BUYERS GUIDE! GOLF TIPS STATED ""Wow Factor: These are silky smooth and nicely balanced."

Model #FI303516
Model #XFI303516
Acer XS CNC Forged Iron - Clubhead
Acer XS CNC Forged Iron - Custom Assembled
$34.95 each
$49.95 each

The QuikFit Clubfitting System
For professional club fitters, remember we offer the standard, Pro and HT in our QuikFit Clubfitting program in both right and left hand.  The QuikFit cuts down on the initial cost and inventory of demo clubs in your shop, while making it portable and being able to fit your customer with the right head and shaft combination leaving no guesswork or doubt when it comes time for your customer to pick up their clubs.

As you can see, there are four very distinctive irons to fit virtually any player or skill set as golfer may have. From beginner to professional and everything in-between, the Acer XS provides game improvement where it is need most.  Each of these irons can be mixed with any of the XS drivers, fairways or hybrid to build your ultimate set of golf clubs.

 Acer XS HT Irons
Model #QI3686
Model #QI3691   Model #QI3690
Acer XS Iron with Quikfit
 Acer XS Pro Iron with Quikfit
 Acer XS HT Iron with Quikfit
$14.95 each
 $14.95 each  $14.95 each

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