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    Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood - Clubhead
    Model: TM1272

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Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood (RH) #3 - Clubhead
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Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood (RH) #5 - Clubhead
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Golf Tips Magazine Award to Acer XS Ti Fairway WoodsGolf Tips Magazine gave The Acer XS Titanium Fairway Woods a "Best Buy" award in their 2013 Annual Buyer's Guide. Golf Tips said "Wow Factor: Again, a stellar price, especially considering the club is all titanium."

If you thought your current fairways were long and straight, you haven’t experienced anything yet. Our Acer XS Titanium fairway series is all about pushing the design envelope further than ever before. Instead of replacing a stainless steel face with a thin sheet of lightweight titanium, we made the whole head entirely out of titanium to experience the same benefits of a modern titanium driver. Why don’t you see more titanium fairway woods? Unfortunately the answer is cost.

Secondly, titanium is used for weight savings for large heads and fairways aren’t exactly large to begin with. In fact, the shell of the Acer XS Titanium 3 wood head weighed only a mere 130g or 80g lighter than a standard model. Therefore it required an addition of 80g of weight secured onto the sole to bring the club back up to weight or in essence concentrating an amazing 71% of the entire head’s weight just into the sole plate. Compare that to a standard stainless steel fairway sole which may only be 25% of the total head weight. Imagine all this much weight in such a confined space as it will assuredly create a fairway wood with an ultra-low center of gravity. Therefore the lofts were strengthened to normalize trajectory and we were still able to create a club that will get the ball airborne easily. That is only part of the reason you will experience more distance.

Don’t forget why we use titanium for drivers – distance! The Acer XS Titanium fairways woods are easily our longest. While the stronger lofts help, it is the ultrathin high rebound face that makes the ball come off of the face just as hot and explosive as a driver. Hit the ball higher, hit the ball straighter and hit the ball further with no additional effort with the Acer XS Titanium fairway woods.

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    Questions on Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood - Clubhead

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    • From Pete at 3/29/15 12:59 PM
      • How does the front-to-back CoG compare with your other fairway wood heads? I understand that it is extremely low, but how about the relative distance from the face vs. other fairway heads you offer? thanks, good design!
      • Peter,

        Percentage wise it would be average in terms of front-to-back CG location.
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    • From DON at 8/7/14 10:24 AM
      • What is the hosel depth of the 3 wood ? (I broke my shaft and want to drill it out, but I don't want to break through to the hollow of the clubhead).
      • Don,

        It would be 1.25".
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    • From Justin at 6/25/14 10:52 PM
      • Are there any plans on making a LH version of the XS Titanium fairway woods? It eels to be the only XS model not offered in LH.
      • Justin,

        The answer is no, at least on this model since it is in its 2nd year of production. Perhaps in the next generation one might be offered.
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    • From Jack at 6/18/14 6:16 PM
      • I use a 3w off the tee. Thinking about cutting this to 44in. Is that a bad idea?
      • Jack,

        When in doubt, make the club longer as it is much easier to sacrifice a grip and cut it down than it is to extend the club. At the longer length you can choke down on the grip to simulate the shorter length to evaluate whether your decision was right or not. I am a strong believer if you have something in the back of your mind, you should try it. Otherwise you will dwell on it rather be satisfied by experimenting.
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    • From BobG at 5/12/14 4:18 PM
      • Catalog says this head is a M2 Bore. Can you please clarify any special trimming steps required. For example, a Graffalloy pro launch 65 R has a W7 trim instruction. For a 3 wood that would be 0.5". How do I figure in the M2 bore?
      • Bob,

        You only have to worry about the bore type if you see a Trim Note A next to the Trim Code designation. Today, that trim note only applies to the Dynamic Gold steel wood shaft. In your case you would only have to tip trim a total of 0.5".
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    Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
    TM1272-003-1400 RH #3 14° 58.5 d 210 Square 35.5 mm 170 cc 43 in 0.335"  
    TM1272-005-1700 RH #5 17° 59 d 220 Square 35.5 mm 165 cc 42 in 0.335"