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Aldila is the leader and innovator, and premier manufacturer of high performance golf shafts and carbon fiber materials. Aldila isn’t just a golf company, it’s a materials science think tank that’s constantly researching the potential of physical and chemical compounds. Aldila has the unique ability to define the intangibles of the game of golf making them a leading shaft brand on the PGA Tour and among consumers.

Aldila is a pioneer in shaft innovation and has patented the Mico Laminate Technology, S-core and RIP Technology.  Micro Laminate Technology is comprised of ultra-thin layers of premium grade materials. Thus, Aldila shafts using this technology, utilize up to twice as many piles as competitor shafts, producing a stable, solid laminate void of “dead zones”. This design revolution eliminates inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability, providing superior feel. Their S-core Technology dramatically stabilizes the shaft's cross-section through the use of an internal carbon-fiber rib system. RIP Technology (Reverse Interlaminar Placement) employs a completely unique shaft design and exclusive materials to completely transform shaft design from the inside out.

Aldila catapults power to an unprecedented level. High performance technology harnessed and perfected from a special blend of materials, design and expertise. They are continually on the leading edge of the golf world through their relentless pursuit of the next best innovation. They do the experimenting so you don’t have to. Pushing success to the edge and redefining how power should feel.

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Tour Blue Wood

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