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As Seen In Golf Digest and Golf Tips Magazine

Golf Tips Magazine Awards For 2013 Hireko Golf Equipment

Golf Tips Magazine Gives Hireko Golf 4 Equipment Awards In Their 2013 Equipment Buyer's Guide! 

In the 2013 Golf Tips Magazine Equipment Buyer's Guide Hireko Golf Equipment was given 4 awards for their 2013 high performance golf equipment. 

Hireko Golf clubs are:

Recommended by thousands of the world's best club fitters, golfers and equipment manufacturers

Revolutionary proprietary clubhead designs

Unbeatable price - half the price of the competition!

5 Stars customer rated reviews


What Did Golf Tips Say?
Golf Tips Best Buy Award
"Wow factor: Awesome price point and solid performance. "

$69.95 Clubhead BUY NOW
$109.95 Assembled BUY NOW
Golf Tips Best Buy Award
"Wow factor: Talk about bang for the buck! Literally!"

$69.95 Clubhead BUY NOW

$109.95 Assembled
Power Play Warp Speed Iron
Golf Tips Magazine Editors Pick Award Power Play Warp Speed Irons
"Wow factor: A crazy low price for a set of irons as good as more, ahem, expensive irons we've tried."

$17.95 Clubhead BUY NOW
$32.95 Assembled BUY NOW
Golf Tips Magazine Awards Acer XS Forged Irons
"Wow Factor: These are silky smooth and nicely balanced."

$34.95 Clubhead BUY NOW
$49.95 Assembled BUY NOW
Acer XS Fairway Woods
Golf Tips Best Buy Award
"Wow Factor: As usual, these woods are value-minded, but that doesn't mean they skimp on performance. They're both really long and forgiving."

$24.95 Clubhead BUY NOW

$54.95 Assembled BUY NOW
Acer XS Titanium Fairway Woods
Golf Tips Best Buy Award
"Wow Factor: Again, a stellar price, especially considering the club is all titanium."

$49.95 Clubhead BUY NOW
$79.95 Assembled BUY NOW


View Technical Director's Jeff Summitt's Video Review on the Golf Tips Magazine Editor's Pick Award Winning
Power Play Warp Speed Irons

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Golf Digest

Acer XF Leggera Driver Featured Online In Golf Digest “New Stuff”

The best selling Acer XF Leggera Driver was featured this month in Golf Digests’ online “New Stuff” column. You can view the Golf Digest article online here.

Here’s the full excerpt from Golf Digest Online:

Acer LeggeraHireko Golf Driver Sheds Weight
Thursday, July 21, 2011

"The quest for more distance from drivers that are tightly regulated by the USGA has gone in a variety of directions, among them lightweight drivers. Hireko is the latest to embrace this with its Acer XF Leggera driver.

The head weight is 190 grams, Jeff Summitt, technical director for Hireko Golf, said. That would bring it in under the weight of the clubhead on Cleveland’s lightest driver, the Launcher XL270 (192 grams).

Summitt said that through a propietary process weight is removed from the crown area. “Instead of chemically milling the head, we do another process where we remove weight,” Summitt said. The head is made from commercial grade titanium.

Complete the club with a lightweight shaft and grip and, “you can get it down in the 260 range,” Summitt said. That would make it 10 grams lighter than the Launcher XL270.

The Acer XF Leggera coms in 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degree models (10.5 degrees only for the left-handed model) and has a price of $104.95."

– John Strege, Golf Digest

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Acer XF IronsAcer XF Irons Listed In Golf Digest “New Looks” Article!

The 2011 Acer XF Standard Irons were listed in the April, 2011 issue of Golf Digest’s article “Does Offset Make The Ball Go Higher or Lower”. The article states “It depends on the swing type…for golfers with more sweeping swings who cast the club offset plays a signficant role in bowing the shaft tip forward and adding loft right before impact…There’s no doubt in my mind that offset enhances forgiveness.”

The “New Looks” article then lists the Acer XF Irons as clubs that exemplify how a deep offset club offers unparalleled forgiveness. “The extra offset helps players square the face at impact and the topline is beveled to appear thinner. Less offset is available in the XF Pro Model. The standard has 6.8mm of offset,” states the Golf Digest article.

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Acer XK Irons
Hireko Acer XK Irons Make Golf Digest’s Best Values List In February Issue

Hireko Acer XK Irons mentioned in article detailing a full set under $1000!

Have you received your Golf Digest February Hot List issue yet? Make sure to check out page 161 and look at the new Acer XK Irons listed in the “Best Values” section in the article “How About A Full Set For Less Than $1000?” The new Acer XK Irons made the Golf Digest “list of our favorite new-club values”. The Acer XK Irons have been a best-seller since their introduction last month. Thank you Golf Digest!

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View the Golf Digest Best Values List

Golf Tips

Golf Tips X2 Tour MagPower Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons Receive Golf Tips Mag “Editors’ Pick”!

In the August issue of Golf Tips Magazine the Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons received an “Editors’ Picks” writeup. Golf Tips magazine is one the top 3 golf magazines in the industry and their acknowledgement only adds to the growing positive reviews received about the Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons.

Here’s what Golf Tips Magazine said about the X2 Tour Irons:

“We think these are some of the best-looking irons this year, and they just so happen to perform beautifully, as well. The Caiman X2 Tour Irons ($33/head) feature a copper-toned PVD finish, a muscle-back design and a top-line profile that better players will love. In our trial, shotshaping was a breeze and although not forged, they sure feel like it. We also dig the near endless options of custom grips and shafts to choose from at Hireko Golf. ”
- Golf Tips Magazine, August Edition

The writeup can be viewed on the Golf Tips website here.

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Acer LeggeraNew 2011 Acer XF Leggera Titanium Driver Awarded “Great Buy” By Golf Tips Magazine!

Golf Tips Magazine awarded the new 2011 Acer XF Leggera Driver a “Great Buy” in their May, 2011 issue.

You can read the full Golf Tips Awards Acer XF Leggera a Great Buy Award here.

Except from Golf Tips:

“What We Like: What a great price. Furthermore, the overall shaping is a step in the right direction for Acer. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the crown section is white. Shhhh…”
- Golf Tips Magazine, May, 2011

Shop Here for the Acer Leggera Driver

Dynacraft Prophet Tour IronsGolf Tips Mag Listed Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged Irons a “Great Buy”!

The 2011 Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged Irons were awarded a “Great Buy” in the April, 2011 issue of Golf Tips Magazine. The award represents Golf Tips “picks for new technologies, hot trends and equipment standouts”.

Here’s some highlights from the article:

Key Feature
“Last year’s Prophet Tour Iron was a hit, and this year’s version sports an all forged design. The iron’s Stability Slot located behind the face provides an added boost of forgiveness, while retaining feel and control.”

What We Like
“We like that you can build a set to your liking, and we really like the way these irons felt at impact. They have that sweet, buttery feel that better players will gravitate too.”

Who It’s For
“Better players who want an affordable forged iron that both looks and feels like a million bucks.”

Shop Here For The Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged CNC Iron

Check Out What Golf Tips May ’09 Issue Said About Hireko Golf

Golf Tips Magazine Sings Hireko Praise

Power Play Caiman Driver Rated Best Deals In May 2009 Issue

Power Play Caiman Driver Rated "Best Deals" In May 2009 Issue

The May 2009 issue of Golf Tips magazine sung high praise for Hireko Golf. Check out some of these quotes from the New and Notable section (page 23):

“Hireko prices are hard to beat”
“custom-made golf clubs at an unbelievably low price”
“prices tough to beat”
“interesting new driver syles, some of which seem way ahead of their time”

In the same issue, Golf Tips also compliments our Power Play Caiman Driver:

“At around a 100 bucks, this club is one of the best deals for a driver you’ll ever find”
“produces high moi and great ballflight”