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Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking

Build Clubs Like the Pros with The Modern Guide To Golf Clubmaking 6th Edition!

Now in gorgeous full-color!  The all-new 6th Edition of the Modern Guide to Clubmaking is a book that anyone interesting in building clubs as a hobby to those striving to become a professional clubmaker should not be without. The newest version has been updated to reflect what clubmakers will experience today, not the last century. Plus this is the first ever colorized golf clubmaking book to show in greater detail each process. Not only are there step-by-step instructions for how cut a shaft or install a ferrule, but we show multiple methods. Why? Each shop will have different tools or simply want to do a particular technique by hand or with a motorized piece of equipment they may possess.

The book also addresses important issues like:

•  Shop safety
•  How to organize and arrange your shop
•  What type of tools and supplies you may need depending upon the volume of your shop
•  A through explanation of shaft parameters
•  Clubhead characteristics
•  A full glossary of terms that apply to the craft of clubmaking

The important background information makes this book unique from other books that have existed that just show the very basics of assembly. From basic assembly of woods, irons, hybrids, putters or wedges, there are also more advanced discussions on topics such as frequency and moment of inertia to common repair procedures such as finishing a through bore, extending a club, bending an iron to re-boring a hosel.


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Total Clubfitting in the 21st Century

Become a Professional Clubfitter with Total Clubfitting in the 21st Century!

This step-by-step book provides information related to fitting for each and every specification of the golf club. With a heavy emphasis on dynamic fitting, this definitive guide incorporates many approaches to a “best fit” situation. Covers everything you want to know and more about custom fitting, including:

•  How the personal interview sets it all up
•  Understanding the effects of clubhead design parameters
•  Why length may be the most important fitting consideration
•  How lie influences ball flight
•  Face angle and the relationships to ball direction
•  Why not only loft but other factors influence ball trajectory
•  Sorting through the confusing world of shafts
•  Getting a handle on grip sizing and material types
•  How weight and weight distribution affect swingweight
•  Why wedges require special fitting
•  Why putter fitting is the most overlooked part of the game


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