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Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons Receive Golf Tips Mag "Editors' Pick"!

In the August issue of Golf Tips Magazine the Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons received an "Editors' Picks" writeup. Golf Tips magazine is one the top 3 golf magazines in the industry and their acknowledgement only adds to the growing positive reviews received about the Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Irons.

Here's what Golf Tips Magazine said about the X2 Tour Irons:

"We think these are some of the best-looking irons this year, and they just so happen to perform beautifully, as well. The Caiman X2 Tour Irons ($33/head) feature a copper-toned PVD finish, a muscle-back design and a top-line profile that better players will love. In our trial, shotshaping was a breeze and although not forged, they sure feel like it. We also dig the near endless options of custom grips and shafts to choose from at Hireko Golf. "
- Golf Tips Magazine, August Edition

The writeup can be viewed on the Golf Tips website here.

Make no bones about it, the Caiman X2 Tour irons with the razor thin topline, low offset and the tremendous amount of mass concentrated directly behind the sweet spot for that unmistakable pure feel at impact are specifically designed for the better player. The luxurious copper PVD plating bestows a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Blade - Custom Assembled Model #XI3680 $32.95 each
Power Play Caiman X2 Tour Blade - Clubhead Model #I3680 $17.95 each