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Why Buy Clone Golf Clubs? Hireko Sells Real Technology, Not Knockoffology!

Hireko does not sell clones or knockoffs. Period!

Why not?

* Clones have a long history of breakage, poor quality and sloppy cosmetics
* Companies who sell clone golf clubs have a poor reputation for customer service and an even worse return policy
* Clone golf clubs are often times illegal and you run the risk of getting into trouble by simply purchasing them
* Their performance is sub par to companies who spend resources designing and manufacturing their own clubs.

Hireko Designs All of It’s Clubheads
All Hireko designs go through a multi step process that includes CAD (Computer Aided Design), testing of numerous prototypes, robotic testing, CT and COR testing and finally the most important of all: the golf course. Hireko has been designing best selling custom made golf clubs for over 26 years!

Clone Golf Clubs Use Inferior Materials and Technology
Companies who sell clones and knockoffs are in it just to make a fast buck. They do not care about developing a long term relationship with their customer or providing a lifetime quality product. In the quest to maximize profits, the knockoff companies will use inferior grades of titanium and steel in their clubheads and cheap carbon fibers in their graphite shafts. Their grips are often times 3rd rate rubber compounds recycled from post consumer waste. All of this makes the knockoff company rich and fools the golfer into thinking they are buying the same golf club costing 5 times more.

Hireko uses only the finest quality metals in all their clubheads and highest grade of carbon fibers in our graphite. Hireko is the manufacturer of such big names as Acer and Power Play and our strict adherence to quality control ensures you of the tolerances that are equal to clubs costing 3 times as much. Hireko only uses the top foundries in the golf industry. These foundries are forbidden from manufacturing clones and knockoffs and only produce premium products.

All of our clubheads are CAD (Computer Aided Design) created and then thoroughly tested, meeting hundreds of quality control benchmarks.

Why Are Hireko Custom Golf Clubs Less Expensive?
Hireko invests it’s marketing dollars into it’s free 152 page catalog, robust and secure website and Research and Development of premium golf equipment. We do not wastefully invest in tour professional sponsorships or expensive print advertising campaigns. Our business model is to pass along these marketing dollar savings to the end user and build loyalty, trust and value. We have eliminated the middleman! Our aim is to provide golfers with the highest quality golf equipment at the lowest possible price FACTORY DIRECT!

Let’s look at a comparison chart of Hireko Clubs vs Clone Golf Clubs:

Custom Made Golf Clubs
Clone Golf Clubs
Designs Their Own Brands Yes No
Uses Only Top Foundries Yes No
Full Customization Yes No
Performance Based Designs Yes No
Upgrade Options with Free Labor Yes No
Durability & Performance Testing Yes No