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Club-Conex Clubfitting Solutions Now At Hireko Golf!

Club Conex Golf Equipment


Club-Conex Is THE Leader In Golf Clubfitting Adjustable Technology!

Club-Conex is the premier manufacturer of adjustable and universal adapters and offer cutting edge fitting solutions that save time and money on each clubfitting. Club-Conex owns multiple utility patents and their products are used across the world by leading club fitters, retailers and oem's.

Increase Profit - You'll be able to clubfit more efficiently and profitable with Club-Conex

More Professional & Accurate Clubfitting -  Club-Conex offers a complete clubfitting solution for all your OEM needs

Multiple Utility Patents - Club-Conex is used across the world by leading club fitters, retailers and oem's.


"The best clubfitters understand that clubfitting has evolved and they want to provide their clients with the best possible equipment. Like you, they once were new to Club-Conex and were looking to incorporate adjustable technology throughout their operation. Many of our customers started with a single location several years ago and have spawned into multiple locations and are now the most notable club fitters in the world. "
- Eric Burch, CEO Club-Conex

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 Club-Conex Faz Fit Clubfitting Solutions  

Club-Conex Faz-Fit

FAZ-FIT line is Club-Conex's best selling lineup of universal adapters!

This system offers unsurpassed flexibility for multiple fitting applications and it is very easy to install and to use. Each hosel adapter is manufactured from lightweight, yet durable 7075 T6 aircraft aluminum and each shaft adapter is milled from 90/6/4 titanium.
Model #CC980

Club-Conex Fuse-Fit Golf Clubfitting Products


Club-Conex Fuse-Fit

Comes in a variety of sizes to match most of the most popular OEM outside hosel diameters.

The unique design of FUSE-FIT offers superior durability due to the fact that all FUSE-FIT hosel adapters are epoxied over the hosel which creates a pass through port allowing the golf shaft to seat directly within the clubs hosel. The "keyed" shaft adapter and matching "slot" on the hosel adapter ensure the necessary anti-rotation properties to keep the shaft aligned in each and every club.
Model #CC56

Club-Conex Uni-Fit Golf Products  

Club-Conex Uni-Fit

Brand new, the UNI-FIT is a universal fitting system targeting OEM adjustable drivers.

The UNI-FIT system allows you to utilize one set of shafts across your fitting matrix for most OEM adjustable drivers. This solves the problem of needing multiples of the same shaft but with various shaft tips to fit all the major brands. Each UNI-FIT hosel adapter matches the unique anti-rotation properties of the specific club type, yet utilizes a universal shaft adapter. You simply remove the OEM torque screw with the Club Conex special removal tool, slip the applicable hosel adapter into position and lock & load with our special torque wrench.
Model #CC56
$19.99 - $21.99