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Off-course Golf Shop
Green Grass Golf Shop
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Approximately how much of your total current inventory (number of sku’s) is Hireko branded product? (brands include Acer, Dynacraft, iBella, Power Play, Apollo, Karma, SK Fiber)

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Over 50%

Approximately how much of your total current inventory (number of sku’s) are Hireko branded clubheads? (brands include Acer, Dynacraft, iBella, Power Play). This also includes products that you offer online but not necessarily keep physically in your warehouse (i.e. drop shipping etc., special orders, etc.).

Less than 25%
Over 50%

What do you primarily purchase from Hireko? (check all that apply)

assembled golf clubs
Apollo Shafts
Karma Grips
OEM Shafts
OEM Grips
Clubmaking Tools and Supplies
Golf Bags and Accessories

Do you offer custom clubfitting at your shop or virtually online?.


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Thank you for completing the application. In order to meet our requirements, we ask that you submit to Hireko computer screenshots of your website showing the amount of Hireko branded inventory you carry. We will accept .jpegs and .gifs. In addition, you must also email Hireko with your Federal Tax ID# or State Re-Sale #. You can email this information to customer support at [email protected] or Fax to 1-888-367-8912.

In lieu of the above you can also submit a copy of your catalog or flyer. Please fax to Customer Service at 888-367-8912 with the headlines "Hireko Authorized Dealer Application" or send to:

Hireko Golf
c/o Hireko Dealer
16185 Stephens Street
City of Industry, CA 91745