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Hireko Golf Debuts New Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons

Blade look and feel with cavity back forgiveness

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - December 1, 2009 - Hireko Golf today announced the introduction of the new Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons. The new blades are loaded with high-performance technology and are designed to be the friendliest blades Hireko has ever created.

A common perception among golfers is that a blade style iron is hard to hit. Today, blade style irons have a very small market share and are generally reserved only for the very best ball strikers. The secret to the new Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons is that it is not truly a blade; they just looks like a blade. The Prophet Blades share similar properties as traditional blades such as a compact from heel-to-toe, a thin 4-way radius sole, thin top line and reduced offset.

“What separates a blade (or sometimes called a muscle-back design) from a game improvement club?” asks Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The answer is weight re-distribution. Most people immediately think of game improvement clubs as models with a deep cavity in the back. But there are also a few other features of a game improvement club that golfers may not be aware of. Most blade style irons feature a long hosel which shifts the center of gravity high and toward the heel of the club. We shortened the hosel on the Prophet Tour Blade so you would be rewarded for hitting the ball where you are supposed to; low and in the middle of the face.”

The Prophet Tour Blade's also features Hireko’s exclusive Stability Slot which optimizes the Center of Gravity location by pushing the weight further back from the face. This redistributes the weight directly in the center of the face for that pure, unmistaken feel only a blade can provide. The new blades are
manufactured from an ultra-soft 304 stainless steel for an incredible feel at impact and finished with an exquisite black PVD coating.

For those that want the best of both worlds, the Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blades are the genesis of a new category of game improvement clubs proving that not all blades are difficult to hit.

Every Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Iron is made to order. While there is a standard grip and shaft for the Standard MSRP of $35.95, the customer can choose over 50 different shafts and grips to accommodate their personal playing style. The Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade Irons are available as a right hand model online at