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Hireko Golf Announces New Dynacraft Spot Putter

Tune your putter to your stroke with Stroke Path Optimization Technology

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – February 14, 2012 – Hireko Golf today introduced the new for 2012 Dynacraft Spot Putter. Unlike most putters on the market, this putter can actually adapt to the golfer’s putting stroke.

The Dynacraft SPOT (Stroke Path Optimization Technology) Putter is designed to adapt to various putting styles. The Hireko designers took the most popular putter style and adapted it to allow for 3 different hosel positions. Here are the reasons why. First, hosel position in relationship to the clubhead’s center of gravity has a pronounced effect on the rotation along the shaft’s axis, which should be matched according to the path of the golfer’s stroke for the most accurate results. In addition, the SPOT putter is available in 3 different hosel configurations. The varying offsets contribute to how open or closed the face is at impact. By fine-tuning these variables, one will be able to create a putter that best fits his or her stroke path, for the most consistent results time after time!

Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt comments, “Three hosels hosel style controls face angle at impact. The more offset the hosel, the more it tends to close. So if you are leaving your face open at impact (pushing your putts), then go with the plumber hosel. Conversely, if you are pulling your putts, then go with the straight hosel. If you are square at impact, go with the slanted hosel.”

Lastly, for every SPOT putter sold this year, a portion of the sales is going to be donated to a local Los Angeles animal shelter to help a fellow Spot.

The new Dynacraft Spot Putter can be purchased as a component clubhead online for $19.95 each and individual hosels for $5.95 each at