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Hireko Golf Announces New Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged CNC Irons

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – January 7, 2011 – Hireko
Golf today introduced the new Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged CNC Iron. The Dynacraft Prophet Tour CNC is a new concept in forged iron production techniques. Meticulously crafted from a raw block of ultrasoft carbon steel, the Prophet Tour CNC iron incorporates technology previously not available. CNC milling is used to create a shallow cavity and a undercut stability slot to add forgiveness to a traditional blade.

Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt states, "The original cast Dynacraft Prophet Tour iron was such a success, there was a call for a forged iron with a similar design. But instead of just using any old forging, we invested in a completely new tooling featuring advanced technology. If you are looking for the ultimate in irons, the Dynacraft Prophet Tour CNC Forged iron is it. "

Hireko invested in tooling to create an entire set of raw forgings with the hosels spin welded onto the body. However, these raw forgings are dimensionally thicker and substantially overweight (a little more than 100g) with enough material that could create a traditional blade, full cavity back or semi-cavity design by CNC milling the entire back. The key building block was to select the right shape, blade length, offset, and toe radius that more accomplished golfers would find timeless.

"Once we finally selected that right shape, our next step was defining what the inaugural model would look like," states Jeff Summitt. "The Dynacraft Prophet Tour CNC is a ¾ cavity with a defined toe area to complement the appearance of the investment cast 304 stainless steel Prophet Tour iron."

The fabrication starts with each raw head placed in a special fixture to hold it securely in place while a CNC machine precisely mills the entire back of the raw forging to form the cavity area. After the cavity is formed the milling doesn’t stop there. One additional step creates a slight undercut cavity (Stability Slot) for a deeper weight distribution not possible with traditional forging techniques. This is also what provides its very distinctive appearance.

Each groove is CNC milled to conform to the Rules of Golf.

The new Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged CNC Irons are custom made to order for $44.95 each. They are available in right hand 3-9, PW, SW. They can be purchased online at www.hirekogolf.com.