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    Acer XF Draw Titanium Driver - Custom Assembled
    Model: XTM1287

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Frustrated that the only fairways you manage to hit aren’t the ones you are aiming at? If that sounds like you, the XF Draw is the ultimate slice buster. Based upon our flagship model, the Draw version utilizes an offset hosel and more closed face angle to help square the face at impact. This provides much needed assistance to put you on the straight and narrow path to your own fairway (as well as lower scores).

Maybe you don’t have time with you busy lifestyle to take lessons in order to solve your woes off of the tee. The Acer XF Draw (anti-slice) evens out the playing field by making you next shot straighter and further than conventional drivers you have tried in the past in much the same way offset irons benefit millions of golfers on a daily basis.

Don’t dread your next shot off of the tee. Knock the snot out of it with confidence using the Acer XF Draw.

Comes with FREE Headcover!

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    Questions on Acer XF Draw Titanium Driver - Custom Assembled

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    • From JOEL at 4/3/13 7:38 PM
      • what is the color of the XF on the sole, red or orange???
      • Joel, it is orange.
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    • From Tom at 8/17/14 3:09 PM
      • Most current drivers have a lie of around 60 degree. If I was 7'6'' a driver with that lie would be fine. I'm 6'1'' which puts the toe 3 inches off the ground, when the heel is sitting on the ground.

        Everybody says the reason a ball slices with drivers is because the face is "Open" at impact. That is hard to do when I set up the club face 45 degrees closed and still get curve to the right!!!

        Why do I still get a slice?

        Because a slice (or ball curve) is caused by the lie, not how open or closed the club face is. This is the hidden secret that drives the golf industry. If you had drivers with a horizontal face (this situation is with all drivers, not just the #1), that would make the ball go straight, and as such, why would you ever buy another club. You wouldn't!!!

        Not one of my irons slices, they all go straight as an arrow. That is because I can set the heel and the toe horizontally with all of the irons with the angle of my back up or down. I can't do that with the drivers.

        I need a driver with a lie around 30 to 40 degrees. About 1/2 the current industry standard. I can use a simple protractor for the exact measurement, but don't know the maximum shaft length allowable by the PGA yet (I think it's 46 inches) to check exactly what I need. Or at least to get me in the ball park of what I need.

        Can you make me a driver to my lie specifications?

        If not, then blue or red, or long or shorter, or 9 or 12 loft, will do nothing except give me what I am already getting!! A ball that is curving. Making me buy the next product in hope it fixes the curve problem (not me, because I know the real problem with the design, but everyone else).


        P.S. If you don't believe this, there are 2 experiments to prove me right.

        1) Grip down as far as needed on the shaft to make a horizontal club face. You will have about a 30 inch shaft length with a bunch sticking out at your stomach. But that is ok, hit the ball anyway.

        2) Stand on a box that is high enough to make a horizontal club face. Putting you somewhere over 7"!!!

        Magically, both will give you a straight shot.

      • Tom,

        Lie angle isn't the reason you are slicing the ball. That is caused by an outside-in path with an open face. If anything, the more upright lie angle tilts the face plane so it would produce a pull or start the ball further left for a right handed golfer. Could we build you a much flatter lie club? Yes, but that would require paying a tooling change and ordering 100 pieces minimum per loft as you couldn't readily modify an existing club.

        Your irons are less likely to slice because the clubs are shorter, you have a more upright swing plane and the irons incorporate offset and likely a heavier shaft. Plus the toe of the irons should be slightly off the ground to take into account the downward bowing of the shaft during the swing.


        Jeff Summitt
        Technical Director
        Hireko Golf
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    • From Mark Ronecker at 3/23/15 11:05 AM
      • I'm thinking about customizing a Driver with a steel shaft. Is that option requested often? Your thoughts on an Acer XF Draw Titanium Driver with Steel shaft.
      • Mark,

        You rarely see steel shafts in drivers because it is not customary in name brand clubs and their trends are usually what drives the market. That is not to say you shouldn't look at a steel shaft as an option if you are looking for a heavier and/or shorter club for more control.
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    • From Mark at 3/23/15 12:25 PM
      • What steel shaft do you suggest in pairing with Acer XF Draw ?
      • Mark,

        It all depends upon what flex and what type of ball flight you are looking for (higher, medium or lower). If you can answer those two questions, then I can advise which of the options available would be good candidates.
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    • From Mark at 3/23/15 2:55 PM
      • Regular flex, medium ball flight
      • Mark,

        Look at the Apollo Standard Steel or the Balistik.
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    Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
    XTM1287-001-1050 RH Driver 10.5° 58 d 200 2 d Closed 55 mm 460 cc 45 in 0.335"  
    XTM1287-001-1200 RH Driver 12° 58 d 200 2 d Closed 55 mm 460 cc 45 in 0.335"