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Shaft Flex: Regular
Shaft: Power Play Zero Gravity - Wood R/S

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reg $109.95
    Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver - Custom Assembled
    Model: XTM1457

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Golf Tips Editors Pick Award for Power Play Warp Speed IronGolf Tips Magazine gave The Power Play Warp Speed Driver a "Best Buy" Award in their 2013 Annual Buyer's Guide. Golf Tips said “Wow factor: Talk about bang for the buck! Literally!”

The Power Play Warp Speed driver is engineered for superior distance off the tee by combining a slightly smaller volume (440cc) with a CAD designed aerodynamic body shape intended to reduce drag and increases swing speed upon impact. The Warp Speed Driver's nominally smaller size doesn’t create any less forgiveness, but rather provides for an extremely solid feel and sound at impact. The lightweight crown frees up weight used elsewhere to help optimize performance. Quite possibly the best looking driver we have ever created.

Comes with free Power Play headccover!

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    Questions on Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver - Custom Assembled

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    • From douglas marheine at 3/13/13 9:01 PM
      • i currently have no problem getting my 9 degree driver in the air, if anything I hit it too high..usually around 220 yards with very little roll at about 92 to 96 mph swing, which stiff shaft would you recomend with a midpoint kick ? cobra f-speed driver with a pro launch red shaft(reg) thanks doug
      • Doug,

        If you have a 9º Cobra F-Speed driver, chances are the actual loft is at least 10º (or more), so the Warp Speed 9.5º may actually create a slightly lower launch angle. The biggest problem is going to be the lack of roll indicating you are hitting down on the ball creating excessive spin. There is really no shaft that will help with that and to make matters worse, the Grafalloy Pro Launch Red is already a low launching shaft.
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    • From cliff at 11/24/13 8:33 AM
      • with warp speed driver 9.5 80 swing speed what tip parallel should I have on shaft like to hit mid flight for roll ths
      • Cliff,

        Any 0.335" shaft will fit the Warp Speed driver or for that matter any of our drivers and fairway woods. However, if you are looking at parallel tip length to predict ball flight, it is more complicated than that. Look for shafts that are listed as mid trajectory.
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    • From Ralph at 2/25/14 2:27 PM
      • I am 79 yrs and Hitting Cleveland Classic driver With 42 gram R shaft, 10.5 deg with med ball flight, 200 yds, with a warp speed driver should I consider a 12 deg say with an R flex green ghost shaft. I have an 82 mph swing speed. Do you think it would creat a too high flight with less distance?
      • Ralph,

        Loft will control trajectory more than anything else. Plus, virtually all shafts that light will launch the ball higher. The Green Ghost is no longer available, but if you are looking for a shaft similar to the one in the Cleveland, look at the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 45. Since you describe your ball flight as medium, a higher loft may give you more carry distance but you will have less roll.
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    • From Hector Rodriguez at 10/3/14 12:32 PM
      • What is the typical SW for this driver in a Stiff shaft and Standard length?
      • Hector,

        With the stock shaft, grip and length, you are looking at @ D0.
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    • From mas at 10/23/14 6:18 AM
      • I use CG Black driver stiff shaft (miyazaki 39g) and I hit average 250 yds. would you recommend Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver? what shaft?
        thank you,
      • Marco,

        Assuming you want something similar and you hit your current set up well, then I might suggest the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 45 shaft PLUS a very lightweight grip (25g) like the Winn DriTac Lite Wrap of Golf Pride Tour 25 standard. Plus you would want +1" length to match what the Cleveland driver would have been. However, if the reason to change is because you are not hitting the club well, then I will need more information about your swing, plus what shaft(s) you have hit well recently.
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    Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
    XTM1457-001-1050 RH Driver 10.5° 58 d 200 Square 53.5 mm 440 cc 45 in 0.335"