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    1. Powerbilt Citation Tour Fairway Woods - Custom Assembled

      Model# XPB7334FW

      Powerbilt Citation Tour Fairway Woods - Custom Assembled

      Base Price $122.95

      The Powerbilt Citation Tour fairway woods are engineered with several technologies which work in harmony to assist hitting the ball from the fairway and launching the ball further. The reactive cup-face design (with variable face thickness) is made of strong, thin stainless steel that is vacuum-heat treated to maximum ball speed from the face. The Recoil Zone boosts ball speeds for Powerbilt’s hottest fairway series ever by increasing energy transfer to the ball. Rear weight port optimized launch conditions while the volume, height and shape inspire confidence from either fairway or tee. Learn More
    2. Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

      Model# XTM12725

      Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

      Base Price $94.95

      Finally a fairway wood worthy of the Juggernaut name! This all-titanium beast is all about maximizing distance with a “hot-face” comparable to today’s drivers. Features a deeper face that can be played from a tee yet offset by an incredibly low center of gravity to promote a high trajectory from the fairway or rough. The non-glare matte black crown and contrasting black PVD finish will inspire. Experience first-hand what it is to hit the ball higher, straighter and further with no additional effort with the Juggernaut Titanium fairway woods. Learn More
    3. Pinhawk SLF (Single Length) #3 Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

      Model# XVM13583

      Pinhawk SLF (Single Length) Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

      Base Price $69.95

      The Pinhawk SLF single-length fairway woods are for single length players to complement the Pinhawk Irons and/or Pinhawk Hybrids. Golfers of all handicaps can benefit by using these fairways that are specifically designed so they all can be played at the same length (same as a 5-wood). Fine-tuned perimeter weighting also gives these woods maximum forgiveness. You'll find the low center of gravity gets the ball up quickly and easily with a perfect trajectory. Your ball position stays the same, your stance stays the same, and your spine angle stays the same. Same proven single-length technology, with the same swing on the same plane, with the same feel for each fairway wood. Now you can have not only more consistency in your iron play, but also more consistency in your fairway wood play. Testing has proven that the loft gapping on the Pinhawk SLF to be a perfect 4 degrees between clubs. The Pinhawk SLF fairways conform to the Rules of Golf. Learn More
    4. iBella Obsession Ladies Fairway Woods Sole

      Model# XM1453E

      iBella Obsession Hot Pink Ladies Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

      Base Price $65.95

      Bold and utterly feminine, this fairway series will have women appreciating instead of dreading all those long ladies fairway golf clubs and shots from the rough. High launching and "right-sized", the Obsession ladies fairways transition superbly between the matching women golf drivers and hybrids in the collection. Learn More
    5. Acer XV Thriver Mini - Custom Assembled

      Model# XTFM1469

      Acer XV Titanium Thriver Mini - Custom Assembled

      Base Price $99.95

      The Acer XV Thriver Mini is a special shallow faced control club off a short tee as well as a club to use in the fairway when you need the maximum distance to reach a par 5 or long par 4. This all-titanium clubhead has a very large footprint at address making this much more forgiving than a typical #3 wood. If it were the height of a modern driver, then the volume would comparable to a 380 cc driver telling you just how forgiving it is. Plus being all-titanium, there are two performance advantages. As titanium is very light, a very high concentration of weight was placed on the sole for more height than the loft would indicate. Finally, we chose titanium for the thin, active face to give you more distance. The Thriver Mini also features the same Power Chamber and Gravity Port as the matching driver for improved performance and versatility. Learn More
    6. Acer XV Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

      Model# XFCMC1264

      Acer XV Fairway Wood - Custom Assembled

      Base Price $64.95

      The Acer XV fairways woods feature cup-face construction or where part of the faceplate wraps around and becomes incorporated into the sole, crown and skirt area of the head. This pushes the weld back away from the actual face so the areas around the perimeter could be made thinner creating more face deflection for higher ball speeds to areas other than the center of the face. Even when you miss-hit the ball, the XV with cup-face technology provides you that extra spring-like effect for longer shots. These also feature the same Power Chamber as the matching driver. In addition, these low profile heads coupled with the Gravity Port moved toward the face promotes a higher launch with lower spin. Learn More

    6 Item(s)

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