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Hireko Golf Axglo Push Cart

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    1. Adams Speedline Super LS XTD Fairway Woods Sole

      Model# AD144273

      Adams 2013 Speedline Super LS XTD Fairway Woods

      Starting at: $299.95

      Speedline Super LS Adjustable Fairway Wood Technology. EASY TO HIT...LONGER THAN YOUR BUDDY'S DRIVER.Adjust Fairway Wood Loft, Face Angle, Length & Swingweight!Free Shipping Too On All Adams Golf Equipment! Hitting those Par 5s in two just got much easier for you with the SUPER LS Fairway Wood. Yeah, it's that hot. The USGA limit for spring-like effect is 256, and this is near the limit at 250. That's because of the refined slots on the sole and crown plus the multi-materials that are built into this club. All combined for a super hot fairway wood that can also be adjusted specific to your preference with 16 tunable settings. BOOM! Refined Crown and Sole SlotsThe SUPER LS Adjustable Fairway Wood features a redesigned crown slot to improve launch. A new sole slot increases the overall hotness of the face. Refinements made to the crown slot maximizes the performance of the club by generating more ball speed and creating optimal launch angle and spin rate.Multi-Material Construction for Maximum PerformanceThe multi-material design of the Adams SUPER LS Fairway produces a high performance fairway wood that will make golfers question having that driver in the bag. The titanium face and crown combined with a stainless steel sole creates an exceptionally low center of gravity and thin fast face.Adjustability for Better PerformanceIn addition to its exceptional performance, the SUPER LS Adjustable Fairway Wood features Adams' Fast Fit technology, which allows for extensive customization. Golfers will be able change loft/face angle, length and swing weight for maximum performance. The easy adjustability of the SUPER LS Fairway Wood will truly make this YOUR adjustable fairway wood.Matte White CrownThe matte white crown on the Adams SUPER LS woods makes the clubhead look larger and a contrasting PVD face improves alignment. The combination of these features will give you increased confidence at address making the decision to go for it on those long par 5's a no-brainer. - VST in the sole increases CT up to 250. - Refined crown slot creates higher launch angle without increasing spin for longer carry distance. - Titanium crown and face + stainless steel sole + VST = maximum face hotness. - Maximum adjustability allows for customized face angle, length and swing weight for maximum performance. - Matte white crown with contrasting PVD face increases apparent club size and ease of alignment for increased confidence at address. Learn More
    2. Adams Speedline Super S Fairway Woods Sole

      Model# AD14420

      Adams 2013 Speedline Super S Fairway Woods

      Starting at: $199.95

      Adams SPEEDLINE SUPER S Fairway Woods Easy to Hit...FROM ANYWHERE You're gonna have a tough decision after hitting the Adams SUPER S Fairway Wood - "do I even need my driver?" That's what ridiculous distance and easy-to-hit performance will do to a golfer. DIstance from the tee box or on that long second shot into a Par 5 ... no problem. Refined Crown Slot for Increased Launch AngleAdams Golf pioneered the use of Velocity Slot Technology, which first debuted in the Speedline F11 fairway wood and has made further refinements in the SUPER S fairway woods. The new crown slot is thinner, deeper and longer from heel to toe, which allows golfers to easily get the ball in the air without negatively impacting performance. Combined with the Cut-Thru Slot in the sole provides golfers with a fairway wood that has amazing distance and is incredibly easy to hit.Cut-Thru Sole Slot for Increased Ball SpeedThe Speedline SUPER S fairways features a Cut-Thru Slot in the sole of the club to create an ultra hot face for incredible ball speeds. The CT (Characteristic Time) of the face is up to 230 - the equivalent of most drivers on the market today.Matte White CrownThe SUPER S fairway woods feature a matte white crown providing an increase in the apparent size of the club and a contrasting PVD face producing a fairway wood that is easy to align. The combination of the larger size and ease of alignment gives the golfer much more confidence at address. Learn More
    3. Tour Edge Exotics X-Rail Fairway Wood

      Model# TE108

      Tour Edge Exotics X-Rail Fairway Wood

      Starting at: $179.99

      The next generation Xrail fairway wood expands Exotics superiority with a design that takes playability, versatility and forgiveness to a new level by making fairway wood shots effortless. The easy-going performance of the Xrail can be credited to its wider v-sole that guides the clubface into a square position at impact. Placing 15% more weight in the heel and toe areas than its predecessor, the Xrail produces a higher moment of inertia for enhanced stability on off-center hits. Plus, the v-sole design minimizes divots from heavy lies and lowers the Xrail's center of gravity so shots get up and away quickly and easily. Just like other Exotics fairway woods, the Xrail features multi-metal construction combining a hyper-steel body with a thinner Carpenter steel face. To maximize rebound, the Xrail features variable face thickness and utilizes CAD frequency analysis to make the club more efficient. This computer-aided design technique generates the club head's inner architecture to enhance performance on the maximum surface area for greater forgiveness, longer shots, and better feel. Turn your fairway wood shots into works of art with one of the easiest-to-hit fairway woods ever, the X-rail by Exotics. Learn More
    4. Tour Edge HT Max D Driver and Fairway Woods

      Model# TE064G

      Tour Edge HT Max D Driver and Fairway Woods

      Starting at: $60.00

      Tour Edge HT Max Driver: This high-tech, aerodynamic, lightweight design features a sloped crown and sleek shape that reduce drag and improve airflow for faster swing speed and explosive rebound off the face. Ultra-light 50-gram Aldila shaft designed from the popular NV platform. 460cc titanium head is the ultimate combination of distance and forgiveness. Tour Edge HT Max D Fairway Woods: With the Bazooka HT Max D fairway wood you get power and accuracy. Learn More

    4 Item(s)

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