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    1. Adams Idea A12 Hybrid

      Model# AD006G1

      Adams Idea A12 Hybrid

      Starting at: $106.02

      The Adams engineers held nothing back in the design of the new Idea a12 Hybrid. The performance of these hybrids, thoroughly tested on Tour, comes from the Velocity Slot Technology that produces a spring-like effect across the entire face to give you more distance and forgiveness than ever before. The refinements made from it's predecessor, the Idea a7 Hybrid, are quite noticeable as you'll experience more ball speed and a more optimized launch. The improved keel sole shaping helps get this club through the turf without the twisting or digging that other hybrids can produce. Learn More
    2. Adams Pro A12 Hybrids

      Model# AD007G1

      Adams Pro A12 Hybrids

      Starting at: $124.64

      Adams Golf adds the newest tour-caliber hybrid to its lineup with the Idea Pro a12. Compared to previous models, it's designed with a hotter face, improved playability and a sleek black finish that appeals to better players. The Idea Pro a12 is the next generation of the #1 hybrids played on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour. Learn More
    3. Nextt Smoke Hybrid

      Model# SMHM

      Nextt Smoke Hybrid

      Starting at: $39.99

      Meshing high technology with a thought toward a non-classic, Tour inspired shaped head. The Smoke hybrid maintains its own unique square look at address and producing remarkable and forgiveness. Learn More
    4. Nextt Tetra II Nano Hybrid - Clubhead

      Model# T2H

      Nextt Tetra II Nano Assembled Hybrid

      Starting at: $39.95

      The Tetra T II hybrids offer outstanding new innovation, technology and beauty. Its distinctive white crown and black face makes the Tetra II is one of the easiest hybrids to hit. Head: Forged A7075. Available in Men's right hand #3 and #4 hybrid clubhead. Head: Forged A7075, Shaft: CF12 Graphite by Apollo, Grip: Micro Traction Black, Headcover: Customized Tetra II Learn More
    5. Tour Edge Exotics X-Rail Hybrid

      Model# TE109

      Tour Edge Exotics X-Rail Hybrid

      Starting at: $0.00

      The message is clear and unmistakable: power, accuracy, and forgiveness. These are the attributes of one of the best performing hybrids in golf, the Xrail. Easy-to-hit, the Xrail's sole features two outer rails and one wider inner rail that help players hit perfect shots from any lie. The new Xrail places 15% more weight in the larger outer rails to producing a higher moment of inertia for enhanced stability on off-center hits. The new wider, diamond-shaped inner rail guides the clubface into a square position at impact. The V-sole design also minimizes divots from heavy lies so shots get up and away quickly and easily. Exotics products have a rich heritage of craftsmanship. The Xrail is no different. Incorporating multi-metal construction, the Xrail combines a hyper-steel body with a thinner Carpenter steel face. The thinner face along with variable face thickness allows for exceptional feel, proven forgiveness and added power, even on off-center hits. Learn More
    6. Tour Edge J Max Gold Hybrid

      Model# TE021

      Tour Edge J Max Gold Hybrid

      Starting at: $0.00

      Improving on the wildly popular JMAX series, the new and improved JMAX Gold features a two-piece construction that features a hyper steel body and a forged crown that maximizes weight distribution to easily get the ball into the air. Thinner and denser than the cast walls, the forged steel crown provides a lower center of gravity and enhances rebound off the face.Crown pull casting technology creates a stronger more dense body so the walls and face can be made thinner to get more spring off the face and place more mass in the sole. The face is made as thin as possible with variable face thickness and structurally supported with three internal reinforcement bars.The Gold's heavy 125 gram sole creates one of the lowest centers of gravity available in an iron. The result, even off-center hits fly longer and more accurate for lower scores. Learn More

    6 Item(s)

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