2015 Tifosi Sunglasses

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2015 Tifosi Sunglasses

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    SK Fiber Wraith Graphite Shaft
    Model: SMT045

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SK Fiber Wraith Shaft - Wood A Flex
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SK Fiber Wraith Shaft - Wood R Flex
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SK Fiber Wraith Shaft - Wood S Flex
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The SK Fiber Wraith shaft is an ultra-lightweight shaft weighing in at just 50 grams (cut weight for driver). It is designed for players with a slow to moderate tempo seeking a higher launch angle. Custom clubmakers will love the extended raw length and especially the extended parallel tip section (5.5 inches) that will allow for customized tip trimming. Lastly, the plus/minus 1 cpm consistency around circumference of the shaft exemplifies the quality to commitment only SK Fiber delivers.

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Questions on SK Fiber Wraith Graphite Shaft

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  • From Jack at 7/23/13 7:23 PM
  • From phil broglia at 9/12/13 1:10 PM
    • i have always been interested in the s k shaft line. however, i have never been
      able to find swing speed ratings for their line of shafts and flexes.
      cpm ratings are fine , but many analysers do not always correspond with each
      other. I have found, a swing speed rating range, always a great tool for an
      informative choice on picking the right shaft and flex for my customers.
      thank you
      phil broglia
      P B Custom Golf
    • Phil,

      We do publish some information on swing speed in the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index.

      The range can vary depending upon the tempo of the golfer and the length of swing. Plus, many of the SK Fiver shafts are made to longer than normal raw length and parallel tip sections which allow the clubmaker to create firmer flexes and still have enough material left to create their desired length.
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  • From Stephen Dalen at 11/14/13 12:07 AM

    • If trimed 1" would that lower the ball flight any

    • Stephen,

      Yes, trimming 1" from the tip will increase the frequency by 5 cpm, lower torque and subsequently reduce trajectory and spin. As much as 2" addition tip trimming can be made to the shaft.
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Model # Weight Flex Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Raw Length Ball Flight Parallel Tip Trim Code UPC
SMT045-001-WA 54 A 5.2 d 0.605 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in High 5.5 in W17  
SMT045-001-WR 55 R 5.2 d 0.605 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in High 5.5 in W17  
SMT045-001-WS 55 S 5.2 d 0.605 in 0.335" Parallel 46 in High 5.5 in W17  
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