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    Apollo Hump 0.370" Parallel Tip Steel Iron Golf Shafts
    Model: APMHUMP

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Apollo Hump Steel - Iron R
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Apollo Hump Steel - Iron S
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The HUMP features an enhanced tip section which offers tip stability on all shots for improved distance and accuracy.

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Questions on Apollo Hump 0.370" Parallel Tip Steel Iron Golf Shafts

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  • From Don at 9/17/13 12:54 AM
    • I have seen these shafts around for a long time, but could never figure out what exactly the hump back is supposed to do. What do these shafts feel like? How do they compare distance wise to other steel shafts? What is the recommended swing speed for the R version? How is their shock absorption? What type of player benefits from these shafts?
    • Don,

      The purpose of the hump is to stabilize the tip section. It is an unusual shaft that you can't compare to any other shaft on the market. The shaft overall is soft as measured in a frequency analyzer or deflection devise, but with a very stiff tip. Who it benefits might depend upon the head you are pairing with, but I would consider it an anti-left shaft (for a right handed golfer). For some, it reduces the ball flight as well. There is no internal shock dampening. It is a lightweight shaft which will have some influence on the player's swing speed and tempo. As far as speed, the R-flex would be fine for a player who hits their 7-iron in the 140-155 yard range depending upon the player's tempo.
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  • From Doug at 1/24/14 8:21 PM
    • I was thinking about using these shafts to replace the graphite shafts on a set of irons that were my dads, the iron heads are still in great shape. Also the shaft tip doesn't need cut down and just trim the butt for length??
    • Doug,

      The unique tip geometry should remain intact. Please trim to length from the butt end only.
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Model # Weight Flex Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Raw Length Ball Flight Parallel Tip Trim Code UPC
APMHUMP-001-IR 110 R   0.580 in 0.370" Parallel 41 in Low 3 in IH19  
APMHUMP-001-IS 115 S   0.580 in 0.370" Parallel 41 in Low 3 in IH19