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    Acer XS Leggera Titanium Driver - Clubhead
    Model: TM1461

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Acer XS Leggera Titanium Driver (LH) 10.5° - Clubhead
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Tape-measure drives begin by maximizing swing speed. The Acer XS Leggera version is a specialty 10g lighter version than the standard model making it one of the lightest weight premium drivers produced - period. When coupled with today’s advanced sub-ultralight shafts and longer assembly lengths, it makes the tee box become a launching pad for the longest drives of your career. This model features a white crown against the copper metallic and black PVD finish producing a one-of-a-kind appearance.

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    Questions on Acer XS Leggera Titanium Driver - Clubhead

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    • From Kevin P Ogdin at 8/5/2017 7:31 AM
      • What happened to the 12 degree???
      • Kevin,

        We sold out and we won't be reordering any in the future as we are retiring this line. The closest item is the Acer XV using the optional 2g screw.
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    • From Bill at 5/11/2016 11:05 AM
      • I have a swing speed in the 90s, but I hit the ball too low and don't get enough carry. I was considering the Callaway XR16 with 13.5 loft . What shaft would you recommend to go with the 12 degree to give me the most distance?
      • Bill,

        Distance is a function of 3 things; solidness of contact, speed and optimizing launch angle. The Leggera is lighter and designed to be built to a longer length which will help with the speed aspect. Hand in hand is the shaft weight. Longer and/or lighter can affect your solidness of contact so make sure you can handle a longer club.

        As far as a shaft, I would need to know what you are hitting now (model and flex), plus what length you were considering making this club.
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    • From mike at 8/14/2015 3:42 AM
      • I have an Acer XS Leggera 10.5 degree driver. do you have a photo or can identify exactly where on the club head you designed the "sweet spot" to be located and whether the club head was designed to include a "Hot Spot" (which is typically above the "sweet spot") and specifically where that is located. Right now using marking tape I've been adjusting swing and tee height trying to get more consistency in hitting the same spot. I'd like to make sure that the Spot that I'm aiming for is where the club head was designed for maximum results.
      • Mike,

        Generally it will be about 1/4" higher than the geographic center of the face.
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    • From Justin at 12/28/2014 7:00 PM
      • I've read (correct me if I am wrong) that the XS model drivers all use the lightweight crown design from the XF Leggera. How does the XS Leggera model differ from the XF Leggera model?

      • Justin,

        All our Leggera models have the lighter crown. The difference between the XF and XS is the shape and the XS model has a different face radii to increase ball velocity on off-center hits.
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    • From Niki at 8/12/2013 5:20 AM
      • With my friends waiting for Leggera 3W !!!
      • Niki,

        I wouldn't count on a lighter weight 3 wood coming anytime soon. The driver has the assistance of a tee, but a longer assembly length on a #3 fairway wood will prove too difficult for most golfers to hit from the fairway or rough.
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    Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
    TML1461-001-1050 LH Driver 10.5° 57 d 190 1 d Closed 55 mm 460 cc 46 in 0.335"  
    Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
    8 6 4 0
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