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    Dynacraft Driving Iron - Clubhead
    Model: IH435

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Dynacraft Driving Iron 18 degree (RH) - Clubhead
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Dynacraft Driving Iron 21 degree (RH) - Clubhead
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Dynacraft Driving Iron 24 degree (RH) - Clubhead
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The Dynacraft Driving Iron features a thin, special vacuum heat treated, high-strength forged 17-4 stainless steel face with variable thickness to push high COR to the maximum limits. The hollow-bodied construction positions weight low and rearward for advanced perimeter weighting and a more piercing driving trajectory than a comparable lofted fairway wood. It is designed primarily as a control club off of the tee, but can be an option for approach shots from the fairway from preferred lies.

Body constructed of 431 stainless steel and face of special heat-treated 17-4 stainless; bendable.

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    Questions on Dynacraft Driving Iron - Clubhead

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    • From Will at 1/8/15 10:55 AM
      • I am looking at this club head @ 24* to replace a Cleveland MT 588 5 iron. The preliminary specs as far as loft and offset seem very similar. How do you feel the 24* club will do from the fairway? The MT is very easy to hit and I am hoping that this could be a good substitute. Thank you!
      • Will,

        The 24º is a substitute for a 4-iron, although some of modern 5-irons are creeping up to the same loft. These are pretty easy to hit compared to a standard iron as there is an awful lot of weight both low and rearward to get the ball off of the ground.
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    • From Kevin Gonyo at 12/16/14 7:57 AM
      • Do you have plans to offer a Dynacraft Driving Iron 27 degree Clubhead?

        If so, is there a tentative date when that loft "might" be available?
      • Kevin,

        Sorry, there are no plans of expanding the line with higher lofts. However, you might look at the new Dynacraft Prophet CB irons as they share the same face technology.
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    • From Phil Gaitens at 7/31/14 6:26 PM
      • Would the Apollo 85 steel shaft be a good match for this club head? Or would the launch be too high? The Apollo 85 appears to have similar specs to the True Temper 85g shafts I have in my current irons.
        Also, how would you describe the forgiveness quality of this driving iron?
        If I did get the Apollo 85 in Reg. flex I assume I would not need to trim the tip. Is this correct?
      • Phil,

        Really any iron shaft can be used in that driving iron, it is just a matter of how good of a fit it is to the player for the weight, stiffness and ball flight. The 85g shaft in your iron is a high launching shaft. This head is more forgiving than a regular iron because it is hollow bodied and the weight is out toward its perimeter. For the 18º, there is no tip trimming for that shaft, but for the the 21º you would tip trim 1/2" for 1" for the 24º model.
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    • From Matt Hunt at 7/23/14 8:50 PM
      • Are you going to offer them in left hand?
      • Matt,

        We do not have any immediate plans of offering these in LH.
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    • From Jonathan at 7/15/14 2:51 PM
      • What do I need to tip trim the iron shafts for steel and graphite shafts for the 18* driving iron? Also what should the final length be for both graphite and steel iron shafts?
      • Jonathan,

        You would treat the 18º driving iron as if it were a 2-iron. For men's standard length, it would be 40" for graphite and 39.5" for steel.
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    Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
    IH435-001 RH #2 18° 59.5 d 235 4.2 mm 0 d   40 in 0.370"  
    IH435-021 RH #3 21° 60 d 242 4.0 mm 1 d   39.5 in 0.370"  
    IH435-024 RH #4 24° 60.5 d 249 3.8 mm 2 d   39 in 0.370"  
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