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    Acer SHM-2 Mallet Putter (RH) - Clubhead
    Model: P1232
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The Acer shm-2 (short for Simple Harmonic Motion) mallet putter is designed with counterbalancing in mind. First, the head is heavier which raises the MOI of the head for added forgiveness. Secondly, counterbalancing then offsets the head weight and shifts the center of gravity of the putter closer to the player’s hands so it encourages the bigger muscles in the upper body to propel the putter rather than create a “wristy” stroke.

Can be assembled 3” longer than a conventional putter with an extend length (15”) putter grip. By choking down to your normal length, the counterweight is positioned above the hands and becomes more effective in creating a pendulum stroke. This type of putters is also a great way to enjoy the benefits that a belly putter has without anchoring.

Features a soft TPU insert and is face balanced. Counterweights are sold separately.

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    Questions on Acer SHM-2 Mallet Putter (RH) - Clubhead

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    • From termides at 12/16/2014 11:58 AM
      • Does the 15" grip go all the way on if the weight is in the grip? Do you use an additional counterweight with the grip? It already weighs 128G and I want to use it with a 39" shaft and the 400g Santa Rosa head.
      • The counterweights fit inside the shaft and supported by a very thin lip to prevent it from falling inside the shaft. There are multiple applications for this putter, but it was designed for counterbalancing in mind (on top of the weight of the extended length grip). We experimented with various weights and some who tested the product did like it without any additional weight - although they were in the minority.
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    • From BLT at 11/8/2015 1:17 PM
      • Does the shaft fit into the putter or does the shaft fit over a shaft off of the putter?
      • BLT,

        A 0.370" steel shaft fits over a post.
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    • From Carlos at 5/13/2016 2:08 PM
      • Based on the answer above to BLT, this putter has a post.

        How is the post attached to the head? Glued? Welded? One piece?

        If glued, is it likely I can pull the post without melting the insert?
        Or should I just drill out the post if glued (or welded)?
      • Carlos,

        The post is part of the tooling and neither welded or glued on.
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    • From Al Laich at 6/11/2016 1:59 PM
      • What shaft is recommended to fit for a lady with the counterweight and 15 in Grip?
      • Al,

        Use the Apollo APPN44CP shaft as it will have the proper lie and offset for this putter.
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    • From norm bissell at 7/19/2016 7:21 AM
      • when will left hand version be out. i want one.
      • Norm,

        This will be a RH-only product as we would likely not sell enough in LH to warrant the investment in tooling costs.
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    Model # Hand Loft Lie Weight Blade Length Sole Width Std Clublength Hosel ID Stroke Path UPC
    P1232 RH 90 d 385 102 mm 78 mm 38 in 0.370" Straight Back / Straight Thru 852674685263
    Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
    8 6 4.5 1.3