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Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking Book

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    1. Dynacraft Lie Fitting Board

      Model# DY702977

      Dynacraft Lie Fitting Board

      The Dynacraft Lie Fitting Board is used to determine the correct lie for a golfer. Hit balls off the textured surface and it leaves a black mark on the club's sole which can be easily wiped off and requires no special tape. Hole allows ball to sit without rolling and positioned forward to increase effective strike area. Approximately 1/8" x 8" x 16". Learn More
    2. Golf Club Clear Demo Tape 3" x 18 yards

      Model# BRP07

      Golf Club Clear Demo Tape 3" x 18 yards

      A durable polyethylene plastic tape that’s perfect for protecting club heads from damage during demos and fittings. Learn More
    3. Golf Club Specification Forms

      Model# MIT002-001

      Golf Club Specification Forms

      Use the golf club specification forms to keep an accurate specification record of the golfer you are fitting. 50 sheets per pad. Learn More
    4. Markit Impact Spray

      Model# MARKIT-001

      Markit Impact Spray

      Markit is a revolutionary spray which when applied to a clubface will indicate the impact position of the ball, and reveal the clubface position at the moment of impact. Markit allows golfers to see slight flaws in the clubface position at impact and helps the player to make swing corrections. Proper contact is essential for higher accuracy, longer distance and lower scores. Markit's unique characteristics allows golfer to see an extremely precise "dimple density pattern" even when used at a clubhead speed of 150 mph. Precise dimple patterns on the clubface will reveal one of the nine basic flight paths of the ball helping golfers to groove their swing, or when learning to shape their shots. Markit can also provide golfers with important feedback when used in putting. Learn More

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