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Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking Book

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    1. Epoxy Dispensing Gun

      Model# EPGUN-001

      Epoxy Dispensing Gun

      Gun applicator for use with epoxy cartriges such as Hireko's models EPCART and EP06 and Brampton's BRP10, BRP11 and BRP12. Mixes 1:1 ratio. Learn More
    2. Epoxy Mixing Cups

      Model# MIT054-001

      Epoxy Mixing Cups

      Accurately mix two-part shaft epoxies with these disposable transparent measuring cups. Marked in ounces, tablespoons and milliliters. Pack of 100. Learn More
    3. Epoxy Mixing Sticks

      Model# MIT048-001

      Epoxy Mixing Sticks

      7-inch birch wood sticks are ideal for mixing and applying epoxy to inside of club's hosel. Pack of 100. Learn More
    4. Extenders for Graphite / Steel Golf Shafts

      Model# PGGS

      Extenders for Graphite / Steel Golf Shafts

      Starting at: $2.49

      High-quality nylon blended plastic is designed to extend one club (maximum 2" for swing clubs). We recommend high strength shafting epoxy to secure extension into butt end of the shaft and then cut to length once epoxy is cured. Extenders can be sanded down (generally no more than 0.020") to fit smaller openings. Will work for both graphite and steel shafts. Learn More
    5. Fast Setting Shafting Epoxy

      Model# 8POLYAHB-001

      Fast Setting Shafting Epoxy

      Beats any tour van epoxy we have tested in strength. This epoxy provides a one minute pot life and can later hit balls in 30 minutes. Lap shear strength of 3300. Mixes 1:1 Ratio. Each A & B bottle contains 8 ounces. Learn More
    6. Golf Club Clear Demo Tape 3" x 18 yards

      Model# BRP07

      Golf Club Clear Demo Tape 3" x 18 yards

      A durable polyethylene plastic tape that’s perfect for protecting club heads from damage during demos and fittings. Learn More
    7. Golf Club Specification Forms

      Model# MIT002-001

      Golf Club Specification Forms

      Use the golf club specification forms to keep an accurate specification record of the golfer you are fitting. 50 sheets per pad. Learn More
    8. Graphite Golf Shaft Measuring Gauge

      Model# PGGSMG

      Graphite Golf Shaft Measuring Gauge

      The Graphite Golf Shaft Measuring Gauge helps simplify and determine the correct shaft extension for the job. It can help minimize labor and maximize fit in lieu of a caliper. Color coded to 11 sizes. Fits virtually all graphite shafts as well as the most popular steel shaft sizes. To use, simply insert the gauge into the butt end of the shaft you wish to extend without forcing it in. When the gauge stops you identify the color just above the butt of the shaft and order or choose the correct size shaft extender to do the job correctly. Learn More
    9. Graphite Shaft Extenders

      Model# GSEG

      Graphite Shaft Extenders

      Starting at: $2.95

      Shaft Extenders fit into the butt of the existing shaft and underneath the grip to extend clublength. Graphite shaft extenders provide exacting fit for most graphite shafts. Specify standard graphite shaft (0.490" stem) or oversize thin-walled lightweight graphite shafts (0.540" stem). Learn More
    10. Grip Solvent 32oz

      Model# BGSV-001

      Grip Solvent 32 ounce

      This is a non-flammable, non-toxic solvent for gripping. Comes with a pour spout and contains 32 ounces of solvent. Learn More

    78 Item(s)

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