Intech Crossbar Golf Travel Support Rod

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    1. Graphite Shaft Extenders

      Model# GSEG

      Graphite Shaft Extenders

      Starting at: $2.95

      Shaft Extenders fit into the butt of the existing shaft and underneath the grip to extend clublength. Graphite shaft extenders provide exacting fit for most graphite shafts. Specify standard graphite shaft (0.490" stem) or oversize thin-walled lightweight graphite shafts (0.540" stem). Learn More
    2. Grip Solvent 32 ounce

      Model# BGSV-001

      Grip Solvent 32 ounce

      This is a non-flammable, non-toxic solvent for gripping. Comes with a pour spout and contains 32 ounces of solvent. Learn More
    3. Grip Solvent 4 Ounce Spray Pump

      Model# SV02

      Grip Solvent 4 Ounce Spray Pump

      Starting at: $3.95

      Non-flammable, non-toxic grip solvent. Comes in a convenient 4 ounce bottle with a spray pump to mist the solvent onto the tape and reduce clean up. Learn More
    4. Hosel Disc Plugs (25 pack)

      Model# GDW9016

      Hosel Disc Plugs (25 pack)

      Hosel disc plugs are placed at the bottom of the hosel of metal wood hosels to prevent epoxy from dripping into the head and creating a rattle. Pack of 25. Learn More
    5. Impact Chalk Spray

      Model# MARKIT-001

      Impact Chalk Spray

      Imapct Chalk is a revolutionary spray which when applied to a clubface will indicate the impact position of the ball, and reveal the clubface position at the moment of impact. Imapct Chalk allows golfers to see slight flaws in the clubface position at impact and helps the player to make swing corrections. Proper contact is essential for higher accuracy, longer distance and lower scores. Imapct Chalk's unique characteristics allows golfer to see an extremely precise "dimple density pattern" even when used at a clubhead speed of 150 mph. Precise dimple patterns on the clubface will reveal one of the nine basic flight paths of the ball helping golfers to groove their swing, or when learning to shape their shots. Imapct Chalk can also provide golfers with important feedback when used in putting. Learn More
    6. Individual Epoxy Packets

      Model# EPS-001

      Individual Epoxy Packets

      Convenient one-club packets of standard 24 Hour Shafting Epoxy. Enough material to assemble as many as 4 clubs. Learn More
    7. Intertape 591 Premium Double Sided Golf Grip Tape - 2 Inch x 36 Yards

      Model# BRP09

      Intertape 591 Premium Double Sided Golf Grip Tape - 2 Inch x 36 Yards

      Intertape 591 is the recognized standard in the manufacture and repair of golf club grip application. Double-sided adhesive on both sides that bond equally as well to almost any surface. The easy-release crepe paper liner allows for either machine or hand application. 2” wide x 36 yard roll is much thicker than most solvent activated golf grip tapes sold today making it easier to install and remove when re-gripping saving you time and money in the long run. Learn More
    8. Pip Strip Double Sided Grip Tape

      Model# PIP-001

      Pip Strip Double Sided Grip Tape

      These are individual strips of solvent-based grip tape that are 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. Sold individually. Learn More
    9. Putter Counterweights

      Model# CWS

      Putter Counterweights

      Starting at: $2.95

      The overall balance of a putter is extremely important to achieve the optimal results by producing more solidness of contact, impact consistency, and speed and distance control. Now you can fine-tune your putter with our counter-balance plugs now available 3 convenient weights (60g, 80g and 100g). These models will fit steel shafts with a 0.590” - 0.600” butt diameter. They’re easily inserted into the butt end of the shaft prior to installing the grip. Learn More
    10. Rattle Stop

      Model# RS-001

      Rattle Stop

      Eliminates head rattles by trapping loose debris. Put a few drops inside the hosel and allow it to flow inside the head. Ultra-tacky, one-part glue never cures. No mixing required. Learn More

    78 Item(s)

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