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    Graphite Shaft Extenders
    Model: GSEG

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Graphite Shaft Extender (.485" OD)
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Oversize Graphite Shaft Extender (.535" OD)
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Shaft Extenders fit into the butt of the existing shaft and underneath the grip to extend clublength. Graphite shaft extenders provide exacting fit for most graphite shafts. Specify standard graphite shaft (0.490" stem) or oversize thin-walled lightweight graphite shafts (0.540" stem).

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    Questions on Graphite Shaft Extenders

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    • From Marc Trahan at 4/14/2013 12:06 PM
      • Would this shaft extender work for a junior Graphite shaft?
      • Marc,

        It depends upon the ID of the shaft you have. If they are much smaller than 0.490", then you would need to be creative and create you own out of hard wood doweling.
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    • From Kevin Gonyo at 12/14/2013 2:02 PM
      • I have an old Taylor Made Graphite Ultra-lite R-80 Bubble shaft. Would the Oversize Graphite Extender allow me to extend that shaft?
      • Kevin,

        The correct sized extender for the Bubble shaft hasn't been available for several years now. None of the current extenders will be remotely close to fitting.
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    • From Kevin Gonyo at 12/15/2013 6:19 AM
      • Hi,

        Since there are no available shaft extenders for the Taylor Made Ultra-lite R-80 Bubble shaft I have in my 360 Ti Driver. Do I have any re-shafting options with this particular driver head since the hosel diameter is no longer a standard size?
      • Kevin,

        You can use the bushing ferrule (model BWF) and that way you can use any 0.335" shaft of your choice. One of the things that made the Bubble shaft unique was the larger butt end requiring a lightweight grip. There are some lightweight grips that will fit standard size butt ends that will decrease overall weight and increase swingweight like what was originally in that club.
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    • From Kevin Gonyo at 12/16/2013 5:52 AM
      • One final question on re-shafting this driver. You mentioned swingweight... what was the swingweight of this driver (Stock)?

        I also think I read somewhere that the stock length was 46"... can you confirm that also for me?
      • Kevin,

        I believe on that model, the stock length was 46" and the swingweight @ D5.
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    • From kevin at 1/8/2014 3:42 PM
      • I have these Fujikura Orochi RL shafts in my irons. buttis 610 od ,, which extender should I get?
      • Kevin,

        More than likely you will need the GSEGO (oversized). Just in case it is a little too big to fit the inside diameter of the shaft, they are designed where you can sand the stem a little and not have an issue.
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