Hireko Golf Axglo Push Carts

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Hireko Golf Axglo Push Cart

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    1. 205g Shaft Tip Weight

      Model# MIT008-001

      205g Shaft Tip Weight

      Used for frequency matching of shafts. Clamp to the tips.MIT008 weighs 205gMIT009 weighs 255g Learn More
    2. Aluminum Shaft Clamp

      Model# MIT023-001

      Aluminum Shaft Clamp

      Five non-marring shaft diameter holes (.335, .350, .370, .400 & .500) Covers the range of shafts offered today. Great for removing or installing ferrules. Learn More
    3. Broken Steel Shaft Extractor

      Model# MIT061-001

      Broken Steel Shaft Extractor

      Use to remove steel iron shafts broken off at the hosel. Apply heat to break epoxy bond. Thread the Shaft Extractor into broken shaft with a ½" wrench. Slide extracting sleeve over Shaft Extractor and install nut and washer. Use 1/2" wrench to turn nut to back out broken shaft. Use heat resistant gloves to prevent injury. Learn More
    4. Clublength Ruler

      Model# MIT025-001

      Clublength Ruler

      48" aluminum ruler with unique graphic layout. Measurements printed on both edges and center. Learn More
    5. Clublength Ruler Sole Plate

      Model# MIT024-001

      Clublength Ruler Sole Plate

      Attaches to Clublength Ruler to measure clublength without having to set the club in the playing position. Learn More
    6. Clublength Ruler Tool Kit

      Model# MIT046-001

      Clublength Ruler Tool Kit

      The Clublength Ruler Tool Kit is perfect for accurately measuring overall length of woods, irons, and putters. Engineered with a unique sole centering method guaranteeing accurate lengths for all lie angles. This ensures a consistent length progression between clubs in every set. Conforms to USGA method for measuring maximum driver length of 48". Kit includes Clublength Rule Sole Plate, 48" Clublength Ruler, Marking Guide, Putter Adapter. Learn More
    7. Digital Frequency Spec Shaft

      Model# MIT010-001

      Digital Frequency Spec Shaft

      Confirms the clamping pressure required to read correct frequencies on the DigiFlex? Frequency Meter. Clamp the shaft firmly, oscillate & read CPM's displayed in the meter's digital readout. Adjust clamping pressure & repeat the oscillation steps until the CPM's match the exact spec frequency. Trains you how to repeat the correct clamping pressure to ensure 100% accurate frequency readings. Frequency Spec Shaft can be used to compare the accuracy of other frequency meters. Learn More
    8. Grip Remover Gun W/Needle

      Model# MIT029-001

      Grip Remover Gun W/Needle

      Loosens the grip for easy removal by injecting solvent through a needle. Learn More
    9. Grip Tape Remover Tool

      Model# MIT030-001

      Grip Tape Remover Tool

      This lightweight precision machined aluminum tool removes the grip tape quickly & easily. The blade can be resharpened for extended use. Learn More
    10. Groove Tool

      Model# MIT017-001

      Groove Tool

      The groove tool is an aluminum disk with a triangular carbide insert which cleans grooves. Does not cut grooves and lasts a lifetime. Learn More

    13 Item(s)

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