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Hireko Golf Axglo Push Cart

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    1. Clublength Ruler

      Model# MIT025-001

      Clublength Ruler

      Sturdy 48" aluminum ruler with unique graphic layout. Measurements printed on both edges and center. Learn More
    2. Clublength Ruler Sole Plate

      Model# MIT024-001

      Clublength Ruler Sole Plate

      Attaches to Clublength Ruler to measure clublength without having to set the club in the playing position. Learn More
    3. Clublength Ruler Tool Kit

      Model# MIT046-001

      Clublength Ruler Tool Kit

      The Clublength Ruler Tool Kit is perfect for accurately measuring overall length of woods, irons, and putters. Engineered with a unique sole centering method guaranteeing accurate lengths for all lie angles. This ensures a consistent length progression between clubs in every set. Conforms to USGA method for measuring maximum driver length of 48". Kit includes Clublength Rule Sole Plate, 48" Clublength Ruler, Marking Guide, Putter Adapter. Learn More
    4. Digital Calipers

      Model# MIT047-001

      Digital Calipers

      Electronic Digital Calipers makes it easy to accurately read measurements in inches or millimeters for shaft tip and butt diameters, grip sizing, hosel depth and outside diameters. A must for every clubmaking shop! LED readout with battery and protective case included. Learn More
    5. Gram Weight Scale

      Model# MIT049-001

      Gram Weight Scale

      Digital gram scale is perfect for weighing and sorting components. Also use to weigh epoxy for a perfect mix. Scale measures up to 600 grams (1/10g increments) with an extra large display. Learn More

    5 Item(s)

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