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Intech Golf Balls

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    1. Graphite Shaft Sanding Belt - 1" X 42"

      Model# MIT015-001

      Graphite Shaft Sanding Belt - 1" X 42"

      Replacement belt for 1" x 42" belt sanders. This is perfect for graphite shaft tip abrasion to remove the paint and polyurethane coating. Learn More
    2. Hook Blade Knife

      Model# MIT051-001

      Hook Blade / Utility Knife

      Combo knife takes either straight or hooked knife blades. Includes 2 heavy duty straight blades and 5 hook blades. The hook blades are ideal for cutting off grip safely even on graphite shafts. Learn More
    3. Pure Installation Gun

      Model# RP2000

      Pure Installation Gun

      The installation of PURE Grips requires no adhesive tapes or solvents. Using Pure Grip’s proprietary quick-connecting tools, the simple power of air pressure installs their grips as securely as any adhesive tape. Once installed on a steel or graphite shaft, the grip provides optimal stability while the elasticity of the rubber combines with friction to create "rubber memory," ensuring the grip will not loosen or slip. (Note: Pure Grip recommends an air compressor between 50-150 psi, and that has at least 5 gallon tank. You could install a quick connect on the gun if you choose to, but it’s not necessary.) Learn More
    4. Red Egyptian Cloth Ferrule Dressing Belt - 1" X 42"

      Model# MIT014-001

      Red Egyptian Cloth Ferrule Dressing Belt - 1" X 42"

      Replacement belt for 1" x 42" belt sanders. This belt is perfect for turning down ferrules flush with the top of the hosel. Learn More
    5. Replacement Deburring Rolls

      Model# SDRR

      Replacement Deburring Rolls

      Starting at: $5.95

      Set of 5 replacement rolls for use with SDRM Spirl Deburring Mandrel. Use in drill to clean out hosels after re-shafting or prior to assembly for best bond. Learn More
    6. Replacement Grip Remover Needle

      Model# MIT028-001

      Replacement Grip Remover Needle

      Loosens the grip for easy removal by injecting solvent through needle. Works in conjunction with the Dynacraft Grip Remover Gun and needle-save hose. Sold individually. Learn More
    7. Replacement Hook Blades

      Model# MIT052-001

      Replacement Hook Blades

      These are replacement hooked knife blades for standard utility knives. These are available 5 to a pack. Learn More
    8. Rod Saw Blade

      Model# GG12-50T

      Rod Saw Blade

      The ideal tool to cut graphite and composite shafts safely and efficiently with the long-lasting tungsten carbide cutting edge. Fits any standard 12" hacksaw frame. TIP: Wrap the shaft with making tape where you want to cut, mark the tape and cut along the mark to prevent fraying or splintering. Learn More
    9. Rubber Vise Shaft Clamp

      Model# RAVC-001

      Rubber Vise Shaft Clamp

      Rubber Vise Shaft Clamp is used with a shop vise to protect the shaft and hold the club securely in place during assembly and disassembly procedures. Learn More
    10. Shaft Cut-Off Wheel

      Model# MIT016-001

      Shaft Cut-Off Wheel

      6 inch diameter x 0.35" thick wheel cuts both steel & graphite shafts efficiently. 1/2" arbor hole. Learn More

    24 Item(s)

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