2015 Garmin GPS Golf Rangefinders

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2015 Garmin GPS Golf Rangefinders

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    1. Digital Calipers

      Model# MIT047-001

      Digital Calipers

      Electronic Digital Calipers makes it easy to accurately read measurements in inches or millimeters for shaft tip and butt diameters, grip sizing, hosel depth and outside diameters. A must for every clubmaking shop! LED readout with battery and protective case included. Learn More
    2. Digital Frequency Spec Shaft

      Model# MIT010-001

      Digital Frequency Spec Shaft

      Confirms the clamping pressure required to read correct frequencies on the DigiFlex? Frequency Meter. Clamp the shaft firmly, oscillate & read CPM's displayed in the meter's digital readout. Adjust clamping pressure & repeat the oscillation steps until the CPM's match the exact spec frequency. Trains you how to repeat the correct clamping pressure to ensure 100% accurate frequency readings. Frequency Spec Shaft can be used to compare the accuracy of other frequency meters. Learn More
    3. Dynacraft Blade Style Grip Remover

      Model# GRT

      Dynacraft Blade Style Grip Remover

      A handy item to have in any sized shop, this tool removes most grips for re-use. Didn't cut the shaft short enough? Need to add a counterweight? The grip wasn't aligned straight? These are just some of the reason why you would need to save what could be an expensive grip or one that's still in good condition. Offset handle and sturdy blade makes quick work along with a little solvent. Much safer alternative as there are no needles to worry about to safely remove grips. Learn More
    4. Gram Weight Scale

      Model# MIT049-001

      Gram Weight Scale

      Digital gram scale is perfect for weighing and sorting components. Also use to weigh epoxy for a perfect mix. Scale measures up to 600 grams (1/10g increments) with an extra large display. Learn More
    5. Graphite Shaft Sanding Belt - 1" X 42"

      Model# MIT015-001

      Graphite Shaft Sanding Belt - 1" X 42"

      Replacement belt for 1" x 42" belt sanders. This is perfect for graphite shaft tip abrasion to remove the paint and polyurethane coating. Learn More
    6. Grip Remover Gun with 12 Needles and Adapter

      Model# MIT029-001

      Grip Remover Gun with 12 Needles and Adapter

      The pressurized grip remover gun loosens the grip for easy removal by injecting solvent through a needle. Use only naphtha or mineral spirits. Plastic canister prevents rust build-up. New needles and quick change adapter included. Learn More
    7. Grip Tape Remover Tool

      Model# MIT030-001

      Grip Tape Remover Tool

      This lightweight precision machined aluminum tool removes the grip tape quickly & easily. The blade can be resharpened for extended use. Learn More
    8. Hook Blade Knife

      Model# MIT051-001

      Hook Blade / Utility Knife

      Combo knife takes either straight or hooked knife blades. Includes 2 heavy duty straight blades and 5 hook blades. The hook blades are ideal for cutting off grip safely even on graphite shafts. Learn More
    9. Pro Tour Vise Grip (Vise Mount)

      Model# MIT022-001

      Pro Tour Vise Grip (Vise Mount)

      A heavy duty grip vise with quick lever action clamp. Easy shaft size adjustment. Extruded rubber jaws allows for secure clamping. #1 in tour repair vans. Mounts on vise (not included). Learn More
    10. Pro Tour Vise Pads

      Model# MIT055-001

      Pro Tour Vise Pads

      Protects shafts & clubheads with this magnetized aluminum vise pads. Features 4" V-Groove rubber jaws. Learn More

    34 Item(s)

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