Hireko Golf Axglo Push Carts

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Hireko Golf Axglo Push Cart

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    1. 20° Countersink Drill Bit

      Model# MIT020-001

      20° Countersink Drill Bit

      Use this bit to create the proper 20d countersink on the hosel. Learn More
    2. 205g Shaft Tip Weight

      Model# MIT008-001

      205g Shaft Tip Weight

      Used for frequency matching of shafts. Clamp to the tips.MIT008 weighs 205gMIT009 weighs 255g Learn More
    3. Broken Steel Shaft Extractor

      Model# MIT061-001

      Broken Steel Shaft Extractor

      Use to remove steel iron shafts broken off at the hosel. Apply heat to break epoxy bond. Thread the Shaft Extractor into broken shaft with a ½" wrench. Slide extracting sleeve over Shaft Extractor and install nut and washer. Use 1/2" wrench to turn nut to back out broken shaft. Use heat resistant gloves to prevent injury. Learn More
    4. Deburr Ball Drill Bit

      Model# MIT021-001

      Deburr Ball Drill Bit

      Use this bit to remove burrs from the hosel. Learn More
    5. Grip Tape Remover Tool

      Model# MIT030-001

      Grip Tape Remover Tool

      This lightweight precision machined aluminum tool removes the grip tape quickly & easily. The blade can be resharpened for extended use. Learn More
    6. Uneekscraper Grip Tape Remover

      Model# BRP06

      Uneekscraper Grip Tape Remover

      This scraper is the fastest and safest way to remove grip tape from graphite or steel shafts. Learn More

    6 Item(s)

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