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2015 Sahara Golf Bags

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    Winn DriTac Wrap Lite Oversize (+1/8) Black Grip
    Model: RW137-001
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The new DriTac is Winn's tackiest ever. The new WinnDry polymer material delivers a tacky, all-weather playability while the contoured spiral wrap design provides a glove-like fit for added stability. WinnLite technology removes over half of the grip weight to improve clubhead feel and add distance.

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Questions on Winn DriTac Wrap Lite Oversize (+1/8) Black Grip

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  • From JAMES DAVIS at 3/27/13 1:50 PM
    • I'm really having problems installing Winn DriTac Wrap Lite Oversize (Jumbo +1/8) Black grips on my drivers. I've completely ruined two grips and have succeeded installing two others with outer layers that are partially unwrapped .

      I normally use mineral spirits to wet the inside of grips and moisten the tape. This is what I used on the first driver and two grips.

      A friend suggested using lacquer thinner, which he said doesn't dry as fast as mineral spirits. I tried this on the second driver with identical results.

      Since these grips are a little expensive to experiment with, I wonder if you could suggest a better solvent or method.

      Thanks in advance for your help,
      Jim Davis
    • Jim,

      First of all, check the butt diameter of the clubs you have. If they are over 0.600", then they will be more difficult to install. If the shafts are steel-shafted, make sure the butt end of free of any burrs and if so, remove them so the grip can't catch on anything. The slickest solvent is naphtha. If you can't get the grip to slide on with that (and ample amount of it), then there isn't another solvent that will help. Make sure too the grips are warm. If they were stored in the cold or cold in the area you are installing them on, it will make it more difficult.
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Model # Weight Grip Size Core Size Grip Shape UPC
RW137-001 26 Jumbo 0.600" Round 018136275179