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    1. Aerotech Claymore Long Drive Graphite Shaft

      Model# ATCMLD

      Aerotech Claymore Long Drive Graphite Golf Shafts

      Starting at: $150.00

      The Claymore LD series shaft is designed for the forces generated by the modern long drive specialists. The LD series shaft is constructed with the same Microtex carbon fiber as the MX48 and MX60 giving this shaft the ability to hold up to the forces exerted by world class long drive competitors. Learn More
    2. Graman Signature Series S70 Graphite Ice Black Shaft

      Model# GRAM-S70

      Graman Signature Series S70 Graphite Ice Black Shaft

      Starting at: $149.95

      The all new Signature Series shafts were designed without any boundaries. Graman designers were given Carte Blanche to design and manufacture shafts to meet every level of play and expectations of the most discerning golfer. To achieve maximum playability, absolute formulation and application of raw materials were used, including multi directional multi modulus prepreg to formulate along with traditional ultra-high modulus micro unidirectional plies. Quadraxial prepreg allowed Graman designers to create a golf shaft that is stable and light yet flexible to achieve ultra-high performance and feel. Multiple directional weaving allows infinite design options which were not available with traditional unidirectional plies. With tolerances guaranteed at 1 CPM or less with all S series shafts, they are the most symmetrical shafts in the world. Like the G Series, all S series shafts come with certified CPM number and Optimum Flex Line sticker on the butt allowing for logo alignment to produce a perfectly matched set. Learn More
    3. House of Forged Express Graphite Golf Shafts

      Model# HF004

      House of Forged Express Graphite Golf Shafts

      Starting at: $149.00

      The EXPRESS standard driver shafts feature MATRIX'S proprietary TTR (tip-torsion-resistance) technology in order to offer a shaft that is strong from butt-to-the-tip of the shaft with elasticity across the shaft. This will propel the ball with as much speed as possible, while lowering the ball-spin rate for a boring ball-flight and less side-to-side dispersion in the same manner as our championship-winning long-drive shafts. These standard (62-72/gram-weight) shafts will dominate the so-called "premium" golf shafts of other manufacturers, which often cost three times as much. Learn More
    4. Matrix Radix S 7

      Model# MXRAD7

      Matrix Radix S 7

      Starting at: $135.00

      The Radix S is follow-up structure to the successful line of shafts introduced in 2011. RADIX is Latin for "base" or "root". The base for RADIX is The HD design, giving RADIX the most advanced internal structure in its class. Along with the internal structure, an experimental variable tip-to-butt ratio design is introduced with RADIX. The ratio specs change by flex - ball flight lowers as flex stiffens, adjusting for the progressive needs of progressively harder swingers. Note: This is a special order item. Please allow for longer delivery time. Learn More

    4 Item(s)

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