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2015 Sahara Golf Bags

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    Acer Superleggera Graphite Wood Shafts
    Model: HS501

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Acer Superleggera Graphite - Wood L
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Acer Superleggera Graphite - Wood A
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Acer Superleggera Graphite - Wood R
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Acer Superleggera Graphite - Wood S
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The hot new Acer Superleggera graphite shaft features 50g performance for under $20. Designed for overall lighter and longer drivers in mind, this super lightweight design will deliver on increasing both clubhead speed and distance off the tee. Paired with the 190g Acer XF or XS Leggera, assembly length can be 47 inches and create normal swingweights, while 46 inches with standard 200g heads.

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    Questions on Acer Superleggera Graphite Wood Shafts

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    • From Dick at 1/4/13 11:14 AM
      • Can this shaft be used in a Hybrid heads
      • Dick:

        First, the hybrid would need to be equipped with a 0.335" hosel to physically fit. Most hybrids (including all of ours) are 0.370". Next, the shaft was really set up for a driver and possibly some of the lighter fairways. IIn a heavier hybrid, it is hard to say what kind of flex you will wind up with.
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    • From james lavelle at 5/7/14 3:26 PM
      • I'm looking for a shaft to go with the xs thriver head i just ordered. When i'm reading the shaft specification charts, am i reading flex, torque and flight data from your testing or the manufacturer's. I'd like to know if i'm comparing apples to apples, or apples to oranges.
      • James,

        The specifications you see in our catalog or on our website are from each of the respective manufacturers so they would be comparing apples to oranges; all except weight. If you want to see more of an apples to apples comparison, you can look at our annual Shaft Fitting Addendum.


        There are two books. The one at the top explains why we tested and the bottom book shows all the data and how to use our system.
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    • From BobG at 5/12/14 4:28 PM
      • Would this shaft work well with an Acer XS TI 3wood head? Trimmed to standard 3 wood length what kind of swing weight and flex pattern could I expect?
      • Bob,

        If you have a relatively smooth tempo and are looking for a very lightweight shaft to generate more clubhead speed, then the shaft will be fine. If you tend to get quick at all, you may want to opt for a heavier weight shaft. At standard length (43") and normal weight grip, the swingweight is likely to be in the high C-range,
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    • From Al at 3/4/15 8:32 PM
      • I ordered an Acer XV draw driver - will an Acer super leg gra shaft be a good match for this driver head?
      • Al,

        It all depends upon the tempo of your swing. If you have a fast tempo or short compact swing, you may be best off with a heavier shaft for control purposes. These lighter type shafts are designed for golfers with relative smooth swings who are seeking distance.
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    Model # Weight Flex Torque Butt Diameter Tip Diameter Raw Length Ball Flight Parallel Tip Trim Code UPC
    HS501-001-WL 51 L 7 d 0.580 in 0.335" Parallel 45 in Mid 4 in W7  
    HS501-001-WA 51 A 6 d 0.580 in 0.335" Parallel 45 in Mid 3 in W7  
    HS501-001-WR 52 R 6 d 0.590 in 0.335" Parallel 45 in Mid 3 in W7  
    HS501-001-WS 53 S 6 d 0.590 in 0.335" Parallel 45 in Mid 3 in W7