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    1. Apollo Hump Tapered

      Model# APMHUMPT

      Apollo Hump Tapered

      Starting at: $9.95

      The HUMP features an enhanced tip section which offers tip stability on all shots for improved distance and accuracy. 0.355" taper tip fits select OEM irons. Learn More
    2. Apollo Jr Steel

      Model# APMJR

      Apollo Jr Steel

      Starting at: $1.45

      The Apollo Junior is a great shaft for junior clubs. Economically priced, the move flexible design is perfect for younger golfers. 0.560" and 0.500" butt options fit most junior & ladies grips. Learn More
    3. Apollo Phantom Steel Shaft

      Model# APMPHT

      Apollo Phantom Steel Shaft

      Starting at: $8.95

      Astonishingly lightweight and unusually sleek, the Phantom possesses a stepless tapered profile which helps produce its incredible feel. A full half ounce lighter than most stepless designs manufactured today to generate more club head speed and distance with less effort. Manufactured to tighter weight tolerances for increased consistency in flex. Learn More
    4. Apollo Red Steel Stepless

      Model# APMSSRD

      Apollo Red Steel Stepless

      Starting at: $6.95

      Introducing the Apollo Red Steel stepless shaft. Based upon our popular Standard Stepless design, but instead of the same boring high-chrome finish, these shafts are coated with a durable finish to provide a stunning appearance. The Apollo Colored Steel series give golfers (and professional club fitters) just one more option in their arsenal to help lower their score while making a statement about their game. Learn More
    5. Apollo Shadow Steels

      Model# APMSH

      Apollo Shadow Steels

      Starting at: $4.95

      The Shadow's low kickpoint produces higher trajectories for improved distance and softer landings. Features the unmistakable tight step pattern design. Learn More
    6. Apollo Spectre Lite Steel

      Model# APMSP

      Apollo Spectre Lite Steel

      Starting at: $5.95

      The Spectre Lite features a lightweight design in a longer length! A great option for building longer clubs. Mid kickpoint. Learn More
    7. Apollo Standard Steel

      Model# APMCG

      Apollo Standard Steel

      Starting at: $3.10

      The Apollo Standard Steel is the value leader for steel shafts, combining excellent performance at an unbeatable price. Learn More
    8. Apollo Standard Stepless Steel

      Model# APMSS

      Apollo Standard Stepless Steel

      Starting at: $3.60

      The Apollo Standard Stepless Steel offers a high end look at value pricing. Learn More
    9. FST 115 Steel

      Model# UFS02

      FST 115 Steel

      Starting at: $5.95

      This lightweight steel shaft is designed to increase ball flight without sacrificing consistency and control. The lighter weight compared to conventional weighted shafts allows the builder to use a lower center of gravity head or more head mass without increasing overall club weight. Available in combination A/R and S/X flex options. Learn More
    10. FST 125 Steel

      Model# UFS04

      FST 125 Steel

      Starting at: $5.95

      The FST 125 is a near conventional-weight iron shaft utilizing a traditional step pattern. The shaft incorporates a custom-friendly design with a unique S/X combination flex configuration and an excellent option for the better player. Learn More

    84 Item(s)

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