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Hireko Golf Axglo Push Cart

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    1. 2013 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Yellow

      Model# RL201-001

      2013 Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Yellow

      The exclusive Lamkin REL 3GEN grips material joins forces with REL grips minimal surface pattern design, creating one of the most advanced Lamkin grips on the market. REL 3GEN's grips advanced synthetic rubber compound reduces impact jolts without dulling shot feel -- producing a smooth, single-strike impact. The minimal surface pattern helps maximize surface area contact with the hands, providing enough pattern for comfort and a load of tackiness - thus reducing the tension necessary to maintain control through swing and impact. The 3GENs grips undersize neon pink and neon purple are made with an even softer and tackier 3GEN material, created exclusively for female golfers. The Lamkin 3GEN material features a vastly improved resistance to environmental aging and weathering factors. The material will not absorb any moisture and its tackiness is activated by toweling off the grip or using a light abrasive brush. It continually performs better if it's cleaned regularly. Simply brush the Lamkin R.E.L . 3GEN grips with a wet towel and not only will any dirt or grime be removed from the grip, but the material's incredible tackiness will come back. Learn More
    2. Black Widow Widow Maker Black/Red

      Model# BWWM1-BR

      Black Widow Widow Maker Black/Red

      Widow Maker features a hybrid design using a corded top and consistently textured bottom. The corded top provides all weather traction while the textured bottom utilizes smooth "S" patterns for better control. This grip gives the players' glove hand the benefit of firm cord while providing the other hand the soft rubber needed to guide each swing to perfection. Learn More
    3. Karma Supra Putter Grip Lavender

      Model# RF73-001

      Karma Supra Putter Grip Lavender

      Finally, you can make a relaxed stroke on the green no matter how scary the putt. The massive Karma Supra putter grip removes tension from your fingers and wrists. How? The semi-circular paddle shape naturally fits in the palms your hands allowing you to cradle the club. Measuring nearly 1.75 inches across, the wide dimension keeps your wrists rock steady so that only the big muscles in the arms and shoulders are used to create a repeatable pure pendulum stroke. The Karma Supra installs just like any normal grip and there is no need for additional counterbalancing as the grip weighs 204 grams and complements today's heavier putter heads. Why not see for yourself how you can increase your good fortune of sinking more putts in the future.Conforms with USGA Rules. Learn More
    4. Lamkin Crossline Cord .600

      Model# RL69-001

      Lamkin Crossline Cord .600

      Lamkin's most popular grip. The pattern is recognizable. The performance is unmistakable. The proprietary M2 rubber compound adds tack and reduces stress while the distinctive pattern reduces torque and increases hand traction for the ultimate performance grip. Learn More

    4 Item(s)

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