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Hireko Golf Axglo Push Cart

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    1. New Image Berry Graphite

      Model# NIBI

      New Image Berry Graphite

      Starting at: $17.25

      Designed exclusively for women, this shaft surpasses industry standards. A low kickpoint, 4.0 degree torque (irons) or 4.5 degree torque (woods) for a straighter, farther and more controlled ball flight. Each shaft has unique aesthetics (no two are identical) and is individually tested for perfection. Each is labeled with a flex weight and serial number to ensure product excellence. Learn More
    2. Rifle Steel

      Model# URIFM

      Rifle Steel

      Starting at: $16.74

      Rifle steel shafts feature patented stepless design and are Frequency Matched. An excellent choice for all players. Learn More
    3. SK Fiber VIP Black/Lavender

      Model# VIPBL

      SK Fiber VIP Black/Lavender

      Starting at: $23.00

      V.I.P. Exceptional performance and high launch profile for players with slow smooth swing speeds looking for increased club head speed and distance. Learn More
    4. True Temper GS95 Steel

      Model# UG95

      True Temper GS95 Steel

      Starting at: $21.99

      True Temper introduces the all-new GS95, a lightweight steel shaft that is easy to swing and gives a great 'graphite-like' feel. Designed to perform for players of all ability, GS95 delivers the stability and consistency of steel yet provides a new, unique feel that sets it apart from every shaft on the market.Featuring innovative Speed Step design, the GS95 incorporates a responsive tip that increases your initial launch angle and maximizes your ball's peak trajectory, while giving you the best feel in steel. Learn More

    4 Item(s)

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