2015 Sahara Golf Bags

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2015 Sahara Golf Bags

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    1. Aldila Serrano Graphite

      Model# ALSERR

      Aldila Serrano Graphite Wood Shafts

      Starting at: $39.95

      The En Fuego shafts feature unique balance, weight, torque, and flex properties designed to maximize the energy of your swing. The innovative high center of gravity increases the performance of today's modern clubhead designs. Learn More
    2. Fujikura Fit On Max 65

      Model# FJMAX65

      Fujikura Fit On Max 65

      Starting at: $49.95

      The Fit-On MAX series was designed with Fujikura's proprietary Swing-Sync Design Technology. This design platform gives each shaft optimal flexural rigidity which provides exceptional feedback to the player in order to immediately obtain the best control. Plus each weight category provides a unique bend profile to provide a comprehensive line to fit virtually any golfer. Learn More
    3. Fujikura Motore F1 65 Graphite

      Model# FJMF165

      Fujikura Motore F1 65 Graphite

      Starting at: $124.95

      Inspired by the speed and performance of Formula One and designed using Fujikura's proprietary H.I.T. Technology, the Motore stores more energy during the downswing, then releases that energy just before impact while maintaining stability. Smart-shaping of the tip is what actually enables these benefits allowing the tip end to accelerate faster while minimizing weight. The F1 was developed with a firmer tip and higher bend point for a lower trajectory with less spin for more accomplished players. Learn More
    4. Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Red OEM Version

      Model# ULAUNCHRD

      Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Red OEM Version

      Starting at: $14.95

      Grafalloy produced this special version of the popular ProLaunch Red 65 for OEM manufacturers. Just like the original, it is designed for lower launch and greater stability while offering superior feel at impact to other stiff tipped designs; albeit at a lower price point. Buy now. At this price, they won't last long. Learn More
    5. Project X Steel

      Model# UPROJX

      Project X Steel

      Starting at: $24.99

      RIFLE features a different constant taper per inch for each shaft in the set resulting in more energy transfer to the ball. The ball gets up faster and flattens out for a penetrating trajectory. Learn More
    6. UST-Mamiya VTS Hybrid Black Graphite

      Model# USTVTSHYBK

      UST-Mamiya VTS Hybrid Black Graphite

      Starting at: $79.99

      Proforce VTS shafts with 3DFitting Technology are the latest advance in shaft performance from UST Mamiya. Years in the making, the new Proforce VTS shafts were developed almost entirely through research and player feedback. UST Mamiya spent years researching the significant influence that torque has on distance, control and feel. The feedback revealed how players could control dispersion based on adjusting torque to their swing style. Perhaps more importantly, the research confirmed that the relationship that feel has to torque is infinitely more complex. Players who thought shafts were stiff or soft were not necessarily feeling the flex or weight, but were actually feeling torque. And when players are matched to the proper torque shaft, ball speed increases of up to 6 mph with dispersion reduced up to 30%!Proforce VTS is turning traditional shaft fitting upside down. By not isolating shaft performance to swing speed or physical strength alone, Proforce VTS shafts fine tune how weight, flex and torque work in concert to create distance, control and feel. (Black = lowest torque, silver = medium torque, red = highest torque.) Learn More

    6 Item(s)

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