2015 Garmin GPS Golf Rangefinders

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2015 Garmin GPS Golf Rangefinders

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    1. Apollo Acculite 45 Graphite

      Model# APGAC45

      Apollo Acculite 45 Graphite

      Starting at: $24.95

      Apollo has redefined sub ultra-lightweight technology by creating an unbelievable light weight, yet stable design. The high modulus material is filament wound around a special forming mandrel with a reduced tapered profile to create the necessary strength and unprecedented consistency around the total circumference of the shaft. The result a medium or flatter trajectory compared to other shafts in their weight class for greater speed at impact for exceptional distance, control and accuracy even at extended lengths. Learn More
    2. Fujikura E380 Hybrid Graphite

      Model# FJE380HB

      Fujikura E380 Hybrid Graphite

      Starting at: $28.13

      Designed for the stronger, faster tempo golfer that desires both a low spin and low launch angle. The E300 models provide maximum stability throughout the swing for that confidence to "go for it"! Learn More
    3. Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue with Axis Graphite

      Model# GRFMAXB

      Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue with Axis Graphite

      Starting at: $24.95

      The all-new ProLaunch Axis Blue combines Grafalloy's tour-proven Micro-Mesh Tip Design with the Smart-Ply, which positions ultra-thin layers of fibers along six separate axes - more than twice as many as traditional shaft designs, increasing the efficiency in energy transfer from the golfer to the ball and reducing off plane bending to keep the head on line for increased accuracy. ProLaunch Axis Blue maximizes distance for players seeking higher launch angles. Learn More
    4. Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Iron

      Model# GRFMPLI

      Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Iron

      Starting at: $24.99

      The Pro Launch is the world's first golf shaft designed and engineered using the launch monitor to produe decreased ball spin, optimum launch angle and maximum clubhead speed. Learn More
    5. Project X PXV Wood Shaft OEM Version

      Model# PXV

      Project X PXV Wood Shaft OEM Version

      Starting at: $29.95

      By incorporating the most advanced carbon fiber material technology available in the industry today, Project X engineers have designed a shaft that produces maximum ball speed while preserving critical stability and control through the hitting zone. 0.335" tip. This is a special version designed for OEM manufacturers. Learn More
    6. SK Fiber Lite Revolution I Chrome

      Model# SKLRCB

      SK Fiber Lite Revolution I Chrome

      Starting at: $23.95

      The ultimate ultra-lightweight shaft for consistency and customization, the Lite Revolution offers a low torque, high bend point shaft that produces low trajectory and control. Extended raw length and long parallel tip section to create customized flexes. Extremely tight tolerances. Learn More
    7. SK Fiber VIP Black/Lavender

      Model# VIPBL

      SK Fiber VIP Black/Lavender

      Starting at: $23.00

      V.I.P. Exceptional performance and high launch profile for players with slow smooth swing speeds looking for increased club head speed and distance. Learn More
    8. UST-Mamiya Rv2 95 Gold Iron Graphite

      Model# USTRV295

      UST-Mamiya Rv2 95 Gold Iron Graphite

      Starting at: $29.99

      The Tour tested ProForce Gold Iron shaft line is designed for improved balance and control. Proforce Rv2 95 is for better players looking for better performance and playability than lightweight steel. Extra distance compared to standard steel and improved control compared to lightweight steel. Learn More

    8 Item(s)

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