2015 Garmin GPS Golf Rangefinders

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2015 Garmin GPS Golf Rangefinders

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    1. Aldila Serrano Hybrid Graphite

      Model# ALSERRHY

      Aldila Serrano Graphite Hybrid Shafts

      Starting at: $59.95

      The En Fuego shafts feature unique balance, weight, torque, and flex properties designed to maximize the energy of your swing. The innovative high center of gravity increases the performance of today's modern clubhead designs. Learn More
    2. Aldila Voodoo Graphite Hybrid Shafts

      Model# ALVOODHY

      Aldila Voodoo Graphite Hybrid Shafts

      Starting at: $79.95

      The Aldila Voodoo gives you more distance. How? By increasing the cross-sectional stiffness, the degree of cross-sectional deformation (ovaling) is reduced, thus more energy is stored in pure bending and released into the ball at impact. The Voodoo is based on the VS Proto profile but with their patented S-Core technology. Learn More
    3. Apollo Acculite 60 Graphite

      Model# APGAC60

      Apollo Acculite 60 Graphite

      Starting at: $24.95

      Apollo's signature series combines premium materials in a lightweight design well suited for an exceptional combination of distance and feel for a wide array of golfers. Learn More
    4. Apollo Acculite 70 Graphite

      Model# APGAC70

      Apollo Acculite 70 Graphite

      Starting at: $10.95

      Designed for golfers who seek a balance of distance and control, the filament wound construction bestows superior consistency with a firm, yet responsive feel throughout the swing and upon impact. Learn More
    5. Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Iron

      Model# GRFMPLI

      Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Iron

      Starting at: $24.99

      The Pro Launch is the world's first golf shaft designed and engineered using the launch monitor to produe decreased ball spin, optimum launch angle and maximum clubhead speed. Learn More
    6. SK Fiber Wedge Force

      Model# SKWF

      SK Fiber Wedge Force

      Starting at: $16.95

      Wedge Force Finally a performance graphite golf shaft designed specifically for the scoring wedges. Crafted with a firm butt and responsive tip section for optimal launch angles and ball spin. Learn More
    7. True Temper Dynamic Gold High Launch

      Model# UDGHIGH

      True Temper Dynamic Gold High Launch

      Starting at: $11.65

      The Dynamic Gold High Launch features a lightweight, responsive tip to create a higher initial launch and max peak trajectory. Learn More
    8. True Temper GS95 Steel

      Model# UG95

      True Temper GS95 Steel

      Starting at: $21.99

      True Temper introduces the all-new GS95, a lightweight steel shaft that is easy to swing and gives a great 'graphite-like' feel. Designed to perform for players of all ability, GS95 delivers the stability and consistency of steel yet provides a new, unique feel that sets it apart from every shaft on the market.Featuring innovative Speed Step design, the GS95 incorporates a responsive tip that increases your initial launch angle and maximizes your ball's peak trajectory, while giving you the best feel in steel. Learn More
    9. UST-Mamiya Rv2 95 Gold Iron Graphite

      Model# USTRV295

      UST-Mamiya Rv2 95 Gold Iron Graphite

      Starting at: $29.99

      The Tour tested ProForce Gold Iron shaft line is designed for improved balance and control. Proforce Rv2 95 is for better players looking for better performance and playability than lightweight steel. Extra distance compared to standard steel and improved control compared to lightweight steel. Learn More

    9 Item(s)

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