Orlimar TriMetal Fairway Woods and Hybrids

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Orlimar Golf V18 Driver

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    1.  Power Play Select 5000 Maraging Utility Iron - Clubhead

      Model# IL3552M

      Power Play Select 5000 Maraging Utility Iron - Clubhead

      Starting at: $7.95

      The Power Play Select 5000 Utlity Iron combines the best in new technology to crease the ultimate utility club. Built to replace hard-to-hit #2-5 irons, this clubhead features a wide wood-like sole in an easier to control size and weight. The compact head profile ensures ease of use in just about any situation. Our exclusive Ball Bearing Insert technology helps distribute the weight and dampen shock, so the feeling is crisp and pure. The alpha maraging insert face creates longer distance than any utility club you've ever used! Learn More
    2. Acer XF Draw Hybrid - Clubhead

      Model# IW1287

      Acer XF Draw Hybrid - Clubhead

      Starting at: $17.95

      By mixing and matching the stylish XF hybrids, you are not tied down by what constitutes a "traditional" set make up providing you with complete customization. Let's face it some players are better fairway players than others or their weakness is using certain irons. Hybrids are designed to bridge that gap. For instance a 2 and 3 hybrid club may replace a 5 and 7-wood respectively, but the shorter length provides more confidence. The broader shape of a hybrid enables increased forgiveness over a long or even mid iron.This is why the XF hybrids will make a welcome addition to many golfers' bags. They are equally attractive to the rest of the Acer XF woods, but in a traditional hybrid shape. Plus they offer the same variable crown and face technologies for improved performance and feel.The draw version of the Acer XF Hybrid features offset hosel to help reduce slices. Learn More
    3. iBella Obsession Black Hybrid (RH) - Clubhead

      Model# IW1453PB

      iBella Obsession Black Onyx Ladies Hybrid - Clubhead

      Starting at: $27.95

      Sleek and shallow, these ladies hybrid clubs provide an ideal alternative to lower lofted irons so she can mix and match and personalize her ladies golf bag with clubs of confidence. The thin, variable thickness face provides a mixture of distance with a powerful sound upon impact even at reduced speeds. Learn More
    4. Nextt Z1 Ladies Alloy Hybrid - Clubhead

      Model# AIW742270AW

      Nextt Z1 Ladies Alloy Hybrid - Clubhead

      Starting at: $11.95

      The Nextt Z1 hybrids offer a popular size and shape and will make the ideal substitution for those hard-to-hit long irons. Learn More
    5. Power Play Caiman X2 Hybrid - Clubhead

      Model# IW1009

      Power Play Caiman X2 Hybrid - Clubhead

      Starting at: $9.95

      The Caiman X2 hybrids are the perfect long iron replacements by offering the best of both worlds; combining an iron face profile with a wood style body. The iron face profile provides a greater face area and expanded sweet spot, while the semi-shallow wood style body positions the weight low and away from the face making them extremely easy to hit. The variable face thickness imparts a hotter sound and feeling at impact, not to mention the PVD finish presents a stunning appearance at address. Learn More
    6. Power Play System Q Hybrid - Clubhead

      Model# I358

      Power Play System Q Hybrid - Clubhead

      Starting at: $9.95

      The tri-port weighting system not only allows for a lower, deeper center-of-gravity and increased MOI, but the three interchangeable weighted screws may be configured for variable swingweights, lengths or to encourage straight, draw, or fade trajectory with additional screws (sold separately). Now available through SW to replace your entire set of irons.Comes preconfigured with three 6-gram weights in each port. Learn More

    6 Item(s)

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