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      Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged CNC Iron - Clubhead
      Model: FI303512

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    The original cast Dynacraft Prophet Tour iron was such a success, there was a call for a forged iron with a similar design. But instead of just using any old forging, we invested in a completely new tooling featuring advanced technology. If you are looking for the ultimate in irons, the Dynacraft Prophet Tour CNC Forged iron is it. Meticulously crafted from a raw block of ultrasoft carbon steel, the Prophet Tour CNC iron incorporates technology previously not available. CNC milling is used to create a shallow cavity and a undercut stability slot to add forgiveness to a traditional blade.

    Note: Due to the way this product is manufactured, bending the hosel may result in crimping or creasing the chrome plating. We will not warranty any marring caused by the bending of this product. If you desire this product to be bent, please allow Hireko to do the bending for you.

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      Questions on Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged CNC Iron - Clubhead

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      • From Rev G at 1/19/13 1:10 PM
        • Do these clubs (Propet Tour Forged CNC) conform to the 2010 USGA rules change regarding grooves?
        • Rev G,

          We have not submitted either of those irons to the USGA for a formal ruling, but they were designed to conform to the groove rule.
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      • From Randall Robbins at 1/31/13 12:28 PM
        • Any thought of ever developing a 60 degree wedge in this product ?
        • Randall:

          Chances are very slim of us offering one since most players who opt for a 60º wedge will choose a blade style out of a standalone wedge set.
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      • From Charles at 11/16/13 4:57 AM
        • Does a .370 sk fiber tour X graphite shaft fit these iron heads?
        • Charles,

          Yes, the SK Fiber Tour Trac iron shafts will fit this and all our other models.
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      • From Nate at 12/9/13 5:28 PM
        • Will there ever be a gap wedge in this line? Also, for those of us who love forged feel but need a little more forgivness in our irons, will there ever be a mid/over size version with a little more progressive offset?
        • Nate,

          This is a niche product for better golfers plus it will be retired at the end of the year. Players that have bought this in the past have generally bought the Dynacraft DMC wedges as companion pieces. In hindsight, we would not have brought out the SW in this set like the Acer XS Forged set.
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      • From PI314 at 10/14/14 7:47 AM
        • What is the 'blade length', 'toe height' and 'heel height'?
        • The blade length is 73mm. Toe and heel heights will vary according to the head. On a 6-iron it is 55mm and 33 mm respectively.
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      Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
      FI303512-003 RH #3 21° 59 d 242 4.3 mm 0 d 39 in 0.370"  
      FI303512-004 RH #4 24° 59.5 d 249 3.8 mm 1 d 38.5 in 0.370"  
      FI303512-007 RH #7 35° 61 d 270 2.3 mm 4 d 37 in 0.370"  
      FI303512-009 RH #9 43° 62 d 284 1.3 mm 6 d 36 in 0.370"  
      FI303512-10P RH PW 47° 62.5 d 291 0.8 mm 8 d 35.5 in 0.370"  
      FI303512-20S RH SW 56° 63 d 300 0.3 mm 12 d 35.25 in 0.370"  
      Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
      0 0 0 0