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    Note: The bending may create slight marks on the head and will not be considered a defect.
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      Dynacraft VLS Wedges - Clubhead
      Model: I29212B

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    Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge TrajectoryNow Change The Weights In Your Wedges With Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge

    Now you can adjust the wedges weight to control launch angle

    In order to change a golf club wedge’s trajectory, spin and the amount of roll once it lands on the green has always been a matter of the proper loft selection. In cases where the loft, ball or shaft selection is not exactly correct, golf wedges can often be adjusted for loft. However that alters the bounce angle and potentially the effectiveness of the wedge in the hands of the golfer. Until now! Introducing the Dynacraft VLS (Variable Launch and Spin) Adjustable Wedge featuring two interchangeable inserts: a 3g black anodized aluminum and 17g stainless steel. The 14g or 1/2 ounce disparity in weight alters the center of gravity to produce two unique sets of conditions for the ultimate adjustable golf wedge.

    The diagram shows an example of the ball flight difference between the two positions. With the heavier insert at the bottom of the head, it produces an adjustable golf wedge with a lower and more forward center of gravity (as shown by the yellow line). The blue line shows the heavier weight at the top of the clubhead producing a slightly higher and more rearward center of gravity.

    Most golfers understand that a lower center of gravity will create a higher launch angle. However, we found by testing golfers that wasn’t always the same case. Surprisingly what changed most was the spin rate by as much as 1000 rpms with the higher CG position creating a low spin rate. This affects many parameters including carry distance, landing angle and ultimately the amount of roll once the ball hits the green not only on full shots but partial shots as well.

    With the versatile Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedges, golfers can now fine-tune their wedge play to adjust to the type of ball they prefer and to get the ball to land closer to the hole and toward a lower score.

    Constructed of 431 stainless steel; bendable.

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      Questions on Dynacraft VLS Wedges - Clubhead

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      • From Jeff M. at 9/24/2013 9:05 PM
        • Can this wedge be ordered 2 degrees flat of standard?

          Thanks, Jeff
        • Jeff,

          Thanks for asking. We updated the page so you can order them with custom lies.
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      • From gary at 2/22/2014 9:15 AM
        • can you have the loft changed of the 52 to 53 or 54 and the 56 to 57 or 58 I know it will change the bounce
        • Gary,

          We only offer the service of pre-bending lie, not loft because it changes the bounce and offset.. You could take them to a local clubmaker and have them adjusted up to 2 degrees.
        • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
      • From Bob at 12/4/2014 6:03 AM
        • I see the trajectory changes with the placement of weights. Does the higher CG position also create more roll after landing than the lower CG position?
        • Bob,

          Yes, but not by a tremendous amount.
        • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
      • From Bob at 7/15/2016 1:49 PM
        • What is the loft of the LCG II Dynacraft sandwedge?
        • Bob,

          It was 60 degrees.
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      Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
      I29212B-052 RH 52° Wedge 52° 64 d 300 1.5 mm 8 d 35.25 in 0.370"  
      I29212B-056 RH 56° Wedge 56° 64 d 300 1.5 mm 11 d 35.25 in 0.370"  
      I29212B-060 RH 60° Wedge 60° 64 d 300 1.5 mm 8 d 35.25 in 0.370"  
      Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
      8.5 5.3 1.8 0.9