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    Dynacraft Spot Putter - Clubhead
    Model: P986A

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Dynacraft Spot Putter (RH) - Clubhead
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The Dynacraft SPOT (Stroke Path Optimization Technology) Putter is designed to adapt to various putting styles. We took the most popular putter style and adapted it to allow for 3 different hosel positions. Here are the reasons why. First, hosel position in relationship to the club head's center of gravity has a pronounced effect on the rotation along the shafts axis, which should be matched according to the path of the golfer's stroke for the most accurate results. In addition, the SPOT putter is available in 2 different hosel configurations. The varying offsets contribute to how open or closed the face is at impact. By fine-tuning these variables, one will be able to create a putter that best fits his or her stroke path, for the most consistent results time after time! Two hosel styles controls face angle at impact. The more offset the hosel, the more it tends to close. So if you are leaving your face open at impact (pushing your putts), then go with the Plumber’s neck hosel. Conversely, if you are pulling your putts, then go with the straight hosel.

Each hosel piece is sold separately.

Slant hosel piece no longer available.

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    Questions on Dynacraft Spot Putter - Clubhead

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    • From Joe C at 11/15/12 8:03 PM
      • Can the hosels be constructed with a vertical slant ( right) that will increase the loft of the putter to 7 or 8 degrees, allowing the shaft to lay against the left forearm. This would allow people to try the kucher style quickly and with low cost. The next version would be a heavier weighted putter that allows a smoother stroke.
      • Joe C,

        We can construct the hosel in a number of ways. The problem comes down to tooling costs and being able to sell the minimum number of units the foundry will consider running. If you are looking for a putter with a forward hand press, then look at the two Dynacraft Hindsight putters we offer.
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    • From brosseau normand at 6/11/13 6:24 PM
      • When I put, i make a half moon and I moostly go to the left of the whole because I usualy close the face of my putter. Which osel should i buy for the spot putter?
        Hoping you understand my question since I am a french speaking person. I would like to tell you that I bought the Acer XDS React Hybrid clubs and I am very happy to play better, I took 5 stroke down my game. Hooping to read you soon.
      • If you pull the ball, you want to use less offset. I might suggest trying the straight neck and then you can experiment with the position on the head (forward, middle or rear).
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    • From Kevin F at 2/2/14 5:14 PM
      • Does one of the hosel positions allow the plumbers neck to create a face balanced putter?
      • Kevin,

        In the most forward position is creates a near face-balanced putter.
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    • From kevan at 3/19/15 11:36 AM
      • why dont you offer this nice concept in a putter with a soft insert?it would improve the feel 10 fold and you would sell alot more of these i would be willing to bet!
      • Kevan,

        There is not enough material to put an insert into this putter head and be able to drill and tap threads which with hold and support the neck.
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    • From Chuck at 5/13/16 2:33 PM
      • And, a free suggestion:

        If you make a reverse offset hosel, and offset it correctly, you could
        give us a TOE-UP BALANCED putter....off the shelf.

        I'm going to think about buying a Pure Harmony Putter,
        = pull or bore out the shaft post, and then
        = build an aluminum adapter (3/8" aluminum rod from Loews so I can easily bend it) so I can get a lie angle of 72*,
        = Shave down the shaft side of the rod so it will fit into the inside of a .380 shaft and
        = bend in a reverse offset that will let the toe hang UP, and not Face Balanced

        Comments welcome cd@techie.com
      • Chuck,

        The key word is "could". It all depends upon the CG location of the head in relationship to the axis of the shaft.
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    Model # Hand Loft Lie Weight Blade Length Sole Width Std Clublength Hosel ID Stroke Path UPC
    P986A-001 RH 72 d 355 117.5 mm 29 mm 34 in 0.370"    
    Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
    8 6 4.5 1.3